B2B Onboarding factsheet

Accelerate your business’s transition to electronic document exchange

OpusCapita has a long history of supporting organizations in the transition toward electronic exchange. Our proven tools and processes for B2B onboarding help you to reach your goals, whether you want to encourage your suppliers to start using e-invoices or promote the use of other types of electronic business documents with all your business partners.

Simple and effective B2B onboarding processes enable visibility and make for instance supplier segmentation and prioritization easy, which results in solid progress of your e-ratio. Our onboarding program enables a proactive approach and targeted activation efforts, such as ready-made templates for supplier invitation letters.

In addition, the customizable web- and email-based dialogue tool supports easy communication with your business partners, and through our Business Network Portal you can also monitor the current status of your business document flows and track the progress of your onboarding efforts.


Effective B2B onboarding process with OpusCapita