B2B Integration Track&Trace factsheet

Gain visibility to your partner connections

OpusCapita B2B Integration Track&Trace service is a complimentary service for our customers utilizing EDI connections. It provides our customers with comprehensive visibility to their partner connections and the message flows in them.

With Track&Trace service, it is easy to monitor all the EDI connections that your organization currently has in production. You can also gain a complete view both to outgoing and incoming messages. With versatile search criteria, you can effortlessly track and trace all messages from certain partner, for example, within a specified timeframe.

The Track&Trace service is web-based and easily accessible anytime, anywhere. If you have a valid Service Level Agreement (SLA), you can access a monthly report on your service level. You can monitor the service level in general or for instance check the average message lead times on a connection level.


B2B Integration Track and Trace Factsheet