Source to Pay Summit 2018

April 24, 2018 - April 24, 2018 7A Odenplan, Stockholm, Sweden

OpusCapita is attending the 8th annual Source to Pay Summit on April 24th, and we invite you to join us! This conference is hosted by EBG | Network.

How to manage complex categories in e-procurement

OpusCapita will host RoundTable discussions at the conference with the topic “How to manage complex categories in e-procurement”.

E-procurement has typically been good in addressing categories like IT and Office Supplies through electronic catalogs. With increased maturity more complex categories are targeted, but these are more difficult to manage.  Here you can benchmark your insights and discuss ways to overcome commonly known obstacles. We will be looking in to:

  • Services, how do you approach Services in an efficient way, not only the actual call-off?
  • MRO, how to manage spare parts and other complex items
  • Inventory items. Where do you draw the line between classical e-procurement categories and ERP  

RoundTable host: Martin Casserdahl, Director, P2P Presales and Consulting, OpusCapita

We welcome you to attend one out of our two 40 minutes roundtable discussions this day.

Read more and register for the Source to Pay conference here.

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