Webinar: Risking stagnation – Is your shared service centre treading water?

November 19, 2015 - November 19, 2015

Welcome November 19th 11:00-11.45 CET to a webinar where Juha-Pekka Pyhäjoki, Director, Center of Process Excellence, will share his view and insight on why shared service centers are treading water and how to move forward not risking stagnation.


Language: English

Location: Your computer/phone/tablet

Cost: Free of charge but requires registration

Organizer: OpusCapita




The benefits of shared services are normally realized in the early days of the transformation. It is easy to justify the business case just after the first big-bang, when operations have been transferred to nearshore and some headcount reduced. But what comes after?

Talking to a variety SSC leaders we have identified a few signs of a stagnation of SSC;

  1. Less than 5% annual new saving gained;
  2. Struggling with technology;
  3. Not winning new business;
  4. Declining client satisfaction;  
  5. Poor quality measurements;
  6. High staff turnover;

How to exit the vicious circle?
High performing shared services achieve excellence through continuous improvement, this is the name of the game. But haven’t we all heard that before? Up to the point it starts to bore you. What does it mean anyway?


We will share a few tricks on how to exit this vicious circle:

  • Focus on automation.
  • Relocate SSC
  • Evolve as SSC
  • Go hybrid

A warm welcome to all practitioners wanting to benchmark and get inspired by Juha-Pekka Pyhäjoki. You will be able to compare your experiences live with peers and ask your questions, why not gather the team?


All who register will be sent the taped recording, it is free of charge to join.


A warm welcome!