The Key Benefits of e-Invoicing

The Key Benefits of e-Invoicing

Cost savings, increased efficiency, reduced amount of human errors, positive impact on the environment… It is time to take a closer look at the benefits of e-invoicing.

In this fifth and final chapter of our introductory e-invoicing ebook 5 Things to Know About e-Invoicing, we will go over the benefits of e-invoicing both from the buyer and the supplier perspective, and discuss the role e-invoicing has in the broader digital transformation of your finance processes.

You will learn the key benefits of e-invoicing:

  • Cost benefits: how much and from where
  • Environmental impact
  • Benefits of e-invoice receiving and sending
  • Invoice process automation

E-invoicing volumes are growing at the rate of of 10–20 % per year worldwide. Soon e-invoicing is the only option for a modern company - why not start reaping the benefits of e-invoicing already today!






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