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How to make spare parts procurement simple and effective

Parts procurement is everything in a business where equipment management is core to operations, as downtime can directly affect a company’s bottom line.

Yet in equipment intensive industries, parts catalogs may be extensive and the supplier base broad, so companies need a simple and effective procurement system for spare parts management.

Effective equipment management

In this chapter of our eBook, we take a closer look at at how smart eProcurement can be used in parts procurement. We examine some of the challenges of sourcing parts for equipment management, and look at how one of our customers - an equipment rental giant - has solved the issue.

Read this chapter to discover:

  • The importance of an excellent online catalog for parts procurement from multiple suppliers
  • How to minimize ‘free text’ orders
  • How ‘explosion view’ drawings can help with parts procurement
  • Why tight integration between procurement, financial and ERP systems means easier parts management