How to build competitive advantage with procurement in logistics

There was a time when procurement for maintenance and repair operations (MRO) was viewed simply as a support function to a company’s main operations. Not anymore.

Procurement for Maintenance, Repairs & Operations (MRO)

In an age where timelines and cost structures mean everything, procurement has shifted to a central role in the asset management strategies of some of the world’s most powerful companies.

In this eBook, we take a closer look at at how smart eProcurement for Maintenance, Repairs and Operations can give companies a competitive edge. We bring this to life with a case study of global shipping and logistics conglomerate Maersk.

We discuss:

  • The challenges of independent procurement and ERP legacy systems
  • How workflow automation can help with asset management
  • How effective catalog search is the starting point for an MRO procurement renewal project
  • Case study: Maersk

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Find our more about smarter eProcurement in our e-book with four customer case studies.




Procurement in logistics – case Maersk