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Smarter eProcurement software: 4 procurement case studies

Smarter procurement. Our latest ebook looks at some of the most common procurement challenges and solutions. It includes four customer case studies illustrating best-in-class eProcurement.

Chapter 1
The first chapter describes how eProcurement can bring speed, efficiency and greater ease of use to sourcing and procurement. 
Case study: How Austria's largest mobility services provider uses OpusCapita's eProcurement solution to keep their 40,000 employees looking sharp

Chapter 2
The second chapter describes how to bring simplicity to spare parts procurement. 
Case study: How to keep one of Europe's largest equipment fleets up and running

Chapter 3
The third chapter looks at procurement for Maintenance, Repairs and Operations (MRO) where, done right, procurement can provide a competitive advantage. 
Case study: How Danish shipping conglomerate has gained competitive advantage by moving to a single procurement platform

Chapter 4
The fourth chapter looks at a procurement transformation journey that one of the world's best-known IT companies has been on with OpusCapita since 2009. The partnership began with catalog management and has evolved into a shared vision of the future of guided buying. 
Case study: A partnership towards a future of intuitive, hands-free procurement