Overcoming Common Procurement Challenges

How to improve spend under management

with user acceptance and guided buying

To capture the hard-fought negotiated and contracted savings on the bottom line, procurement needs to be able to guide buying behavior. One of the keys to success is to gain organization-wide adoption for the e-procurement system.

In this chapter of our ebook Overcoming Common Procurement Challenges, we will turn the focus on intuitive user experience and guided buying. These terms have become more than consumerization buzzwords – they have a direct impact on the system acceptance and, more importantly, they support procurement’s objective to improve spend under management, contract compliance, and control.

You will learn

  • How the ability to guide buying behaviour will improve spend under management
  • How to close the gap between sourcing and spending
  • Guided buying best practices
  • Benefits from 2 real-life use cases

Download chapter to find out how guided buying can help close the gaps in procurement efficiency and compliance.