Combat corporate payment fraud

Are your cash outflows safe from fraud?

Mitigating fraud and risks in the corporate payment proces

Payment fraud has become a true and permanent threat to organizations of all sizes. Various studies show a considerable increase both in fraud attempts and in financial damage caused by fraud, which proves that fraudsters are also getting more clever.

This means that Corporate Cash Managers and Treasurers have to combat economic and cyber crime on a daily basis, and in addition,  they need to even more than before focus on preventing fraud in their purchase and payment processes.

With this ebook, we want to support you in this battle by sharing with you best practices and advice on mitigating the risk of fraud. Our eBook takes a comprehensive look at corporate payment security and equips you to keep your cash outflows safe from fraud in the ever-evolving threat environment.

We'll cover:

  • Both external and internal risks
  • Secure user right management
  • Safety of the technology foundation
  • Proactive approach: Concrete steps to build a solid payment process
  • Reactive measures: How to detect fraud and anomalies