5 Things You Need to Know About e-Invoicing

5 Things You Need to Know About e-Invoicing

With governments and large companies leading the way, e-invoicing is on the rise globally. E-invoicing volumes are growing at the rate of even 20% per year worldwide. The time to be proactive and engage in the digital transformation of business processes is now.

This ebook covers everything you need to know and understand about e-invoicing. In the 5 chapters you’ll learn:

  • What is e-invoicing and why a pdf invoice is not enough
  • How does e-invoicing work and what are the benefits of different e-invoicing models
  • What you need to understand about e-invoicing regulations to ensure compliant processes
  • How to succeed in supplier onboarding
  • What are the key benefits of e-invoicing for buyers and suppliers and how to maximize them

E-invoicing is an enabler for automated financial processes and leads to cost savings, greater efficiency, and improved quality in your organization and supply chains. After reading this ebook, you’ll be ready to start the journey.