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OpusCapita is digitilizing our financial processes. One step in this project has been to standardize customer invoicing across all our markets and for all solutions. We have changed the design of the invoices to make them easier to read and decided to use one common language, English, on all invoices. 

What has changed:

  • All invoices are in English
  • New more clear design
  • Traffic report available on request. Send a request by filling out the form on the right.



Q: Why are you changing the invoices?                

A: OpusCapita is having a larger finance transformation program and is modernizing the finance systems. Invoicing is one part of that program.      


Q: What information can I expect to find in the new invoice?              

A: The invoices show all charges/fees, including transaction volumes for the current period.           


Q: Why is the language changed to English?               

A: One of our goals is to have a common global approach to serve our customers, and the use of the English language supports that.            


Q: What is the invoicing period?               

A: Normally, the invoicing period is one month, and invoices are sent out at the end of each month. Fees for professional services, customer service, and other project fees are invoiced during the month.


Q: Why did I get two invoices for Sirius in October?

A: Until now, Sirius invoicing has been done with a month delay. We implemented corrections to our new system, which means we have had to send both, September and October, invoices in October. Later on, you will always be invoiced in the normal invoicing schedule.


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