full range of expertise

While we are one united, orange OpusCapita, we are also a surprisingly diverse group of dedicated professionals. An opuscapitan can be anything from an engineer, an economist and a tech-wizard to a humanist and a truly self-made man or woman. In an industry defined by the new, constantly evolving technologies and fast developments in the markets, we have learned that winning takes all kinds.

As OpusCapita is in an accelerating growth phase, we have interesting opportunities to offer for both our current and new employees. We are increasingly looking for expertise and competencies around purchase-to-pay and procurement solutions, SaaS delivery model and cloud technology, software development, consultancy and superior customer experience.

Meet some of us to find out who we are!


My name is Esmer and I work as Lead Consultant in Solna, Sweden. OpusCapita managed to shatter my biggest fears from the start of my employment. I assumed that my young age would be a disadvantage for me in my new job. But I was proven wrong, as I was sent out to our biggest customers from the very first day. By giving me these tough tasks my manager showed me that OpusCapita truly believed in me and that I had been the best candidate for this job. I get to spend my days in the very interesting border between IT and Finance and focus on optimizing payment and cash management processes. There is a lot of variety in my role, which keeps me from falling into monotony. In this environment, it is easy for me to stay positive, and I am willing to face any new challenges together with OpusCapita.

Aleksejs Cumiks

I am Aleksejs Cumiks, Lead Consultant working with Cash Management projects and located in Riga, Latvia. I joined the OpusCapita team in 2012 as 2nd Line Support Specialist. During the first year of my employment I was given the opportunity to work in the company headquarters in Espoo, Finland. I took the opportunity, and at the same time I studied in Aalto University working on my Master Thesis in cooperation with OpusCapita. The Thesis work dealt with our service portfolio. Today I work with our large-scale cash management projects. We are helping corporations to improve their business processes and connecting them globally to banks in Asia, Africa and North America, for instance, via SWIFT. I believe that it is our passion for our work that helps to make our customers happy.