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To start to collaborate with customers electronically, you need to set up a business process between buyer and supplier in the Business Network Portal. With this in place, you can use the portal to manage electronic catalogs, orders, and invoices. This will significantly improve your business efficiency.


Why: Electronic orders deliver a secure process, where no order is missed, where an order automatically can be turned into an invoice, and where all order history is saved and traceable.

How: Orders can be registered directly in the Business Network Portal or uploaded from your ERP system via an integration.

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Why: With electronic orders, you will never miss an order and you will be able to track order history and turn the order into an electronic invoice.  

How: You can either receive your order in the Portal or through direct integration to your ERP.   

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Why: With eInvoices you enable faster payments at the same time as it is cost-efficient and environmentally friendly.

How: Use the portal to key in your invoice, flip an order to an invoice, or send it electronically from your ERP, or through your eInvoice service provider.

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