OpusCapita makes it easy for any organization to use eInvoices with their customers. The solution is all you need, to succeed with a broad adoption of eInvoicing.

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Use OpusCapita Business Network Portal

In the Business Network Portal, you can flip a purchase order to an invoice, or manually key-in the invoice data.

User manual >>

Submit your invoice via Peppol

OpusCapita provides an access point for PEPPOL, a certified international standard,  that manages the routing and handling of documents and transactional messages.

For more information on Peppol enablement, go to chapter 2.1 in the Supplier Guide >>

Submit your invoice via a third party service provider

To integrate via a Service Provider,  the supplier must have access to an EDI or eInvoicing Service Provider with which OpusCapita has an interoperability agreement. OpusCapita has over 200 interoperability partners. As the interoperability agreements are different, the final technical connection between the supplier’s Service Provider and OpusCapita depends on the individual agreement.

For more information on interoperability enablement go to chapter 2.3 in Supplier Guide >>

Use traditional EDI

OpusCapita has decades of experience in building point-to-point EDI connections. Our B2B Integration services can solve even the most demanding business connections regardless of the content or business partner. Our point-to-point B2B integrations follow our best practices: plan, build, run and optimize.

For more information on interoperability enablement go to chapter 2.2 in Supplier Guide >>

If you don't have a solution but want a fully automated process as described above please contact us.