Supplier with eCatalogs

Uploading electronic catalogs to the Business Network Portal is easy. Use either excel or the BMEcat standard.  After uploading the catalog, your customer should validate and confirm the content. After that, your customer can start sending orders through the Business Network Portal.

Excel process flow

To upload your static catalog using OpusCapita excel template follow these steps:

supplier with catalogs

For more information on how to upload a catalog User Guide Catalog

BMEcat process flow

BMEcat is an exchange format for catalog data in catalog management. The BMEcat format is based on the XML technology and allows a standardized exchange of catalog data. Provide your catalog data in BMECat 1.2 or BMECat 2005. Use BMECat 2005 for catalogs in multiple languages. To upload your catalog in BMEcat follow these steps:

BMEcat process flow


For more information about how to build a catalog file in either format, see BMECat 1.2. and BMECat 2005.