In Business Network Portal you have the option to use three different catalog formats. See the different alternatives below, click the preferred option to learn more about the process.

Supplier with catalogs

Small and mid-sized suppliers, with stable prices,  can upload a catalog to the Business Network Portal using excel or BME:cat format.

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Supplier with PunchOut catalogs

Suppliers with extensive catalogs, with frequent price changes, can set up an integration between their webshop and the Business Network Portal.

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Supplier with catalog managed by the customer

For suppliers of services, there is a catalog solution where you should accept a predefined excel sheet including your services and prices. Contact your customer to set this up.

Supplier without catalogs

For suppliers providing services against a framework contract, e.g., energy, facility services or telecommunications, no catalog is required. As a supplier, you are requested to send invoices electronically.

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