Oct 16 , 2018

The Inevitable Challenges with Procurement of Services

by Procurement, Source-to-Pay, eProcurement

Procurement of services continues to be a challenge for the procurement departments. Read this blog to find out why and learn how to overcome the challenge.
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Oct 10 , 2018

CFO, Why You Too Should Care About Spend Under Management

by Procurement Trends, Source-to-Pay, Sourcing, eProcurement

Bringing more spend under management is a priority for the Chief Procurement Officers. This blog discusses why the metric matters for the Chief Financial Officers, too.
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Aug 28 , 2018

3 Trends That Are Driving Procurement Transformation

by Digitalization, Procurement, Trends and Technology, Source-to-Pay, eProcurement

The 2018 ProcureCon Benchmarking Report gives insight into the collective mind of the Chief Procurement Officer. This blog highlights 3 trends we think you should be aware of.
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Aug 21 , 2018

Mission Impossible: Can You Achieve Total Spend Visibility and Control?

by Procurement, Source-to-Pay, eProcurement

Is it possible to achieve 100% of spend under management? Or even hit close to this ultimate procurement goal? Yes, it is, but it doesn’t come easy.
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Jul 17 , 2018

Who Knew MRO Was So Complicated?

by Procurement, Trends and Technology, Source-to-Pay, eProcurement

On top of the everyday complexities of MRO, those in the industry need to tackle disruptions affecting supply chains and increasing risks. What keeps MRO Managers up at night?
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Jul 02 , 2018

4 Concrete Steps to Purchase-to-Pay Implementation Success

by Digitalization, Procurement, Source-to-Pay, eProcurement, Invoice Process Automation

What are the keys to a successful purchase-to-pay implementation? Samira Jaakkola, Procurement Manager at HDL, shares her experiences and insights after a determined project
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May 28 , 2018

Why Does Amazon-Like User Experience and Guided Buying Matter in e-Procurement?

by Procurement, Source-to-Pay, eProcurement

If your organization’s employees aren’t happy with the usability of the e-procurement system, it is hard to reach procurement targets. Here’s what guided buying means in practice.
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May 24 , 2018

Why Has the Digitalization of B2B Trade Not Gone All the Way?

by and Buyer-Supplier Ecosystem, Digitalization, Point-of-view, Source-to-Pay, Business Network

Especially in the Nordics, e-invoicing has already become business-as-usual in the B2B trade. The digitalization has not extended to corporate purchasing and ordering. Why not?
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May 16 , 2018

The New OpusCapita Is a Provider to Know

by Industry Trends and Technology, Point-of-View, Source-to-Pay

Do you know the new OpusCapita? In this blog, CEO Patrik Sallner shares his views on the recent transformation of the company and discusses why OpusCapita is a Provider to Know.
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Apr 13 , 2018

Supplier Performance Management: Why Should You Care?

by Procurement, Source-to-Pay, eProcurement

Why should corporations turn their focus to their suppliers? In short, effective supplier performance management will reduce various risks and save money.
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Mar 09 , 2018

Is It Time to Retire the Invoice?

by Digitalization, Industry Trends and Technology, Source-to-Pay

We are already in mid-March, and 2018 is seemingly just another year. Or is it? Last year we saw we were arriving in the post-invoice economy. Is the invoice ready to be retired?
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Feb 19 , 2018

3 Reasons Why You Should Care About Quality Catalog Content in e-Procurement

by Procurement, Source-to-Pay, eProcurement

You should not underestimate the importance of the quality of your catalog content to your procurement efficiency. Here are 3 KPIs across your organization that are affected.
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Oct 13 , 2017

Costs in One Bucket, Benefits in Another? This Is How P2P Works to Remove Silos

by Digitalization, Industry Trends and Technology, Point-of-View, Procurement Trends, Source-to-Pay, eProcurement

Siloed thinking in P2P prevents businesses from doing the right things. Read Pete Loughlin’s guest blog and find out how the new business paradigm will change the situation!
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Sep 13 , 2017

Are You Ready for the Post-Invoice Economy and the Future of Source-to-Pay?

by Digitalization, Industry Trends and Technology, Procurement Trends, Source-to-Pay

In the post-invoice economy, source-to-pay and cash management will become key value drivers for an organization. A new way of thinking is needed to stay competitive.
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Jul 30 , 2017

Smooth and Compliant Procurement of a Million Spare Parts Captures Savings on the Bottom Line

by Digitalization, Procurement Trends, Source-to-Pay, eProcurement

Ramirent struggled to capture the negotiated savings on the bottom line. To close the gap between sourcing and spending, they chose to implement OpusCapita’s eProcurement system.
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Jun 03 , 2017

Procurement Goes Together with Finance

by Point-of-View, Procurement Trends, Source-to-Pay

What do procurement and finance need from each other? CFO of Lassila & Tikanoja, Timo Leinonen and Head of Purchasing at Outotec, Pekka Heikkilä discuss the topic.
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Apr 30 , 2017

Procurement Takes the Lead in Building the P2P Value Chain

by Digitalization, Procurement Trends, Source-to-Pay, eProcurement

Procurement function is uniquely positioned to raise the game for the whole organization. It is time to put the emphasis on the first P in the purchase-to-pay chain!
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Sep 20 , 2016

Purchasing, Finance Administration and Treasury Require Cross-Border Cooperation

by Point-of-View, Procurement Trends, Source-to-Pay

Developing purchasing, payment and cash management functions requires cross-border collaboration and systems, interfaces and automation. We tuned in for an expert panel discussion
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Aug 08 , 2016

The View from the Top

by Procurement Trends, Source-to-Pay

Redefining purchase-to-pay into an integrated, automated and digital process expands horizons for corporate CFOs and CPOs, both of whom are reaching for control and compliance.
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Jul 02 , 2016

Ecosystems Are the New Black

by Buyer-Supplier Ecosystem, Digitalization, Point-of-View, Source-to-Pay, Business Network

We all know ecosystems. Most of us, or the women at least, also know the little black dress. Connecting these two is not as far-fetched as you might first think.
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