Nov 08 , 2018

5 Ways to Benefit from Switching to e-Invoicing in Accounts Payable

by e-Invoicing Trends, Accounts Payable Optimization, Digitalization, Invoice Process Automation, E-invoicing

How much time and money could you save if you switched to e-invoicing in Accounts Payable? In this blog, we go over the key benefits of electronic invoice receiving and handling.
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Sep 05 , 2018

Stop Wasting Time and Money: Paper Invoices Prevent Accounts Payable Efficiency

by e-Invoicing Trends, Accounts Payable Optimization, Digitalization, Invoice Process Automation, Business Network, E-invoicing

High rates of paper and unstructured email invoices prevent efficient invoice handling in mid-sized companies. Switching to e-invoices can spark Accounts Payable improvement.
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Jul 02 , 2018

4 Concrete Steps to Purchase-to-Pay Implementation Success

by Digitalization, Procurement Trends, Source-to-Pay, eProcurement, Invoice Process Automation

What are the keys to a successful purchase-to-pay implementation? Samira Jaakkola, Procurement Manager at HDL, shares her experiences and insights after a determined project
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Nov 16 , 2016

Accurate Procurement Means Easier Invoicing

by Accounts Payable Optimization, Procurement Trends, Invoice Process Automation

It’s no secret that the invoice handling process in best-in-class organizations operates like clockwork. But just how do they achieve this?
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Oct 26 , 2016

How to Improve Your Invoice Data Quality

by Accounts Payable Optimization, Digitalization, Invoice Process Automation

Developments in invoice processing have made the practice easier and faster than before, but have also made it more challenging for accounts payable to improve at the same pace.
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Oct 02 , 2016

Why the Cloud Is Winning

by Industry Trends and Technology, Point-of-View, Cash Management, eProcurement, Invoice Process Automation, Product Information Management (PIM)

With effortless information security and regular enhancements to software functionality, it’s easy to see why cloud-based software services are increasingly the first choice.
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Jun 15 , 2016

5 Tips for a Safer AP Process

by Payment Fraud Prevention, Accounts Payable Optimization, Payments and Financing, Invoice Process Automation

Accounts Payable (AP) is one of the most attractive business processes for fraudsters to target. Get in control of what happens in your AP with these 5 tips!
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