May 27, 2021

New Customer Service Portal is coming!

by Industry Trends and Technology, OpusCapita

The purpose of this blog is to update you on our ongoing efforts to provide superior service through our new Customer Service Portal. We hope this change will make the company's communication with customers even more effective.

It was last year that we started the process of introducing a new solution to enhance your customer experience. This decision was explicitly designed to improve our reaction time to issues you report and continuously improve our service levels by being quicker and more precise on resolution and your customer satisfaction.

In the future, customer service requests will be made through our new dedicated web portal, where users can get directly in touch with our technical support by filling in a web form. At the same time, our support team will no longer accept tickets via email address. The portal will serve as a single point of contact between you and the support team to manage incidents and service requests. This will give us more accurate data and right-on-point information on the error encountered. As a result, we will be able to react quicker and spend less time-solving cases. Whenever a ticket is required, the improved workflow will enable us to help our users more quickly and more specifically. For even better portal usability all tickets up to one year old will be migrated and made available for web portal users. Furthermore, we will be able to serve your suppliers and other 3 level parties with a brand-new non-login web form, again being faster than ever!

Customer Service Portal

What is next?

Well, in the next weeks we will be conducting final preparations. Then, you will be hearing from us again and we will provide you with the link to the new Customer Service Portal. We are committed to continuously improving your satisfaction with our products and customer service.

Kati Kaivaara

Kati Kaivaara
OpusCapita Espoo Site Manager
Head of Customer Service


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