May 19, 2020

Starting in a new company — from home

by OpusCapita

In March, I landed the job at OpusCapita I had been aiming for already quite some time. Then the COVID-19 pandemic broke, just as I was supposed about to start working here. Starting a new job from the home office was for sure something that I could not have imagined at the beginning of this year! In this blogpost I reflect on my two first months at OpusCapita, and the lessons I have learned.

remote work at OpusCapita

Lesson #1: Starting a new job from home is doable

It is not the easiest thing to do, but doable. To get me started, there was an introduction plan for the first weeks. But the most important thing supporting my learning has been a nominated tutor and all the ongoing projects that were assigned to me. In our weekly meetings my tutor and I have been going through all my open questions. The learning goes deeper as the weeks go by and as my projects progress.

Lesson #2: Be active and ask

Sometimes it feels frustrating to be always asking questions from my colleagues, but I know I am responsible for my own learning and it is just something that needs to be done. Of course, it can happen that people are busy, and I have to wait for answers. And as we have been working remotely, it has not been as easy to reach people than it would be at the office. I have had to learn the places where to search for information independently, and to have already some background on the matter, before asking someone.

Lesson #3: Be yourself and participate in the virtual gatherings

I love being social and getting to know people but getting to know people virtually has been slower than I would have hoped for. Something I have really appreciated, are the virtual coffee breaks with the team. And it's especially valuable for a newcomer when you're asked directly "How are you doing?" and when people take the initiative to get to know you.

Learning the new ropes from home isn't as fast as working at the office surrounded by your colleagues, but looking back the first months, I feel I have already made progress! Being patient, keeping a positive mindset, and trusting myself has helped me forward. And I know I am not alone, every one of us has their own struggles in this situation. Better days are ahead of us when we keep in mind our slogan "Together we make it!"



Iiris Kinnunen

Iiris Kinnunen
Project Manager, Cash Management

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