March 12, 2020

Meet our dynamic design and documentation duo: Julia and Laura

by OpusCapita

Sometimes it can be nice to meet the people behind a company. This is why we would like to continue our 'Meet the OpusCapitans' series. You already met our Head of R&D, Régis, and our intern Sampada. Now we would like to introduce our two experts from our Tampere office in Finland: Our Lead UX Designer Julia and our Documentation & Localization Specialist Laura.

meet the OpusCapitans

Tell us about your job.

Laura: We both work in versatile roles in which we collaborate with many different employees within OpusCapita: product managers, architects, developers, testers, and marketing.

Julia: For us, it’s the user experience of our products that counts. The multifaceted world of banking and different information systems that are intertwined with our product pose requirements and challenges to UX design. On the other hand, OpusCapita has a 30-year history in finance management and therefore we have an excellent understanding of the requirements as well as users’ needs and goals. With this knowledge we are able to develop features that facilitate and automate day-to-day operations. Planning new features is based on teamwork and together with a product manager and an architect, we produce a design to meet the user’s needs. The design is then reviewed with the development team before jumping into action.

Once the design is ready, Laura jumps in to make sure the localizations reflect the intended design. In practice, this means Laura ensures the UI works in a consistent way no matter where in the world it’s shown.

Laura: Thanks to our testers, we are able to detect any user interface shortcomings that were not discovered during the iterative phase of design and implementation. With this collaborative work method, we have actually produced some pretty unique features for our end-users, if I may brag. Thanks to our flat organization, we are able to just walk up to any colleague to ask for advice and brainstorm.

What do you think is best about our culture?

Julia: The atmosphere here is really family-like. We enjoy working together, and there is a strong culture of caring. Also, we can easily carry out ideas to improve our well being or enhance our working processes thanks to our strong experimenting culture. For example, at the beginning of the year, we noticed that we had a lot of new employees that did not have an official photo of them. With Laura, we suggested organizing a pop-up photoshoot session, and of course, the idea was greeted with enthusiasm.

Laura: Ah yes, yet another idea that was carried out with the help of our I love Mondays team that specializes in anything and everything related to our wellbeing. The team organizes a lot of happenings: summer parties, Christmas parties, coffee sessions, Halloween events, and whatever we see fit. And because Julia is a member of the I love Mondays team, the pop-up photo session was up and running in a week. I actually have to say that I love Mondays is one of our best assets, really a unique benefit. I feel like every time we finish a project, there is some event organized by I love Mondays where we sit down, have some cake and enjoy ourselves. I think it’s really important to sit back and appreciate the work we do here and I feel the happening organized by I love Mondays remind us of that.

What is the dynamic duo involved in at the moment?

Julia: I’m glad you asked! We are organizing an event for OpusCapita users (Käyttäjäpäivät) here in Tampere. The event has a long history and we have found the event to be a successful concept for meeting our users and getting feedback. We also get to introduce the newest features.

Laura: Although we do usability testing with actual end-users, it is extremely important to bring our customers together because we are in this together. After all, we’re developing our product for them and this way we get to hear the latest news from the horse's mouth.

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