October 15, 2019

OpusCapita has an MRO Digitalization Agenda

by OpusCapita, Source-to-Pay

OpusCapita is a mid-sized software company with Finnish / German roots and you would be forgiven for not knowing that this unassuming best-of-breed provider of source-to-pay and cash management solutions was in fact, a global leader in modernizing MRO processes.

MRO digitalization

MRO (materials, repair, and operations) in the airline industry is pretty modernized due to the core connection between the process and the service airlines provide. Surprisingly though, for most other large organizations with MRO processes, modernization is practically just wishful thinking. Not because the budget isn’t there (according to the ProcureCon report 2018 43% of CPOs believe budget for e-procurement transformation can be found if ROI can be demonstrated), there simply are so many moving parts: systems, processes, people, suppliers - and often, the sheer physicality of MRO, all combine to make MRO digitalization a difficult conversation to start.

Enter OpusCapita! No seriously though, many customers often say 'I want my vendor to tell me the hard news' - but in reality, many companies end up with the same process made slightly faster and unfortunately, that is NOT the path to becoming a digital business. We see this with many of our customers. During the implementation phase, there are always discussions between our lead consultants and the customer and those discussions when it comes to walking that fine line between implementing processes as they are or truly making use of digital technologies to go beyond the current setup. This is GREAT! This is exactly how huge, established organizations need to be challenged. This is why our customers choose us, we are not just a software provider but a partner for digital transformation.

When asked about the OpusCapita MRO agenda, Patrik Sallner, CEO for OpusCapita, had this to say:

'In fact, our agenda isn't purely MRO focused. We happen to be good at MRO digital transformation but we can't take all the credit for that. We developed many critical capabilities for MRO entirely because of customers like Maersk, Ramirent, and others. Our purpose is to 'Digitalize Global Trade' and just because something like MRO or services e-procurement is challenging is no reason to shy away from it.'

At its core, MRO has everything to do with managing information and helping systems (and processes) communicate such that the individuals interacting within MRO have connected processes/systems and high-quality supplier and product data to work with. Nothing flashy about MRO automation but perhaps that’s where OpusCapita shines. Paul Sharp, Senior Director, Delivery & Support believes

'The key to approaching MRO digitalization is first to understand that it’s possible. After a company is able to make that shift in thinking, everything just becomes a complex, but manageable project.'

What's next on the agenda for OpusCapita and MRO? Unable to share specifics about new customers, it’s worth noting that although OpusCapita is primarily focused on European and Nordic customers, their MRO customers are operating all over the world. Maersk for example, operates thousands of container ships, constantly on the move. With OpusCapita solutions they have created a single online shop for all their global suppliers which allow the ships to operate with a minimum of downtime, moving goods between 130 countries globally.

As e-procurement digitalization (including MRO) is receiving more and more attention, we can expect to hear updates on the MRO story soon.





Rowan Lemley

Rowan Lemley

Rowan has more than 10 years of experience in the purchase-to-pay arena. During this time, he has managed the go-to-market for a diverse set of portfolios including Accounts Payable Automation, B2B Networks, Financing Services, eProcurement and Product Information Management.

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