June 28, 2019

Assembling the engine - A look at the year so far

by Source-to-Pay

This year has been an exciting year for OpusCapita as a whole. We have announced our ownership change in March but that was definitely not the only thing happening this year.

Assembling the engine - A look at the year so far

Source-to-Pay has really matured to become even more central in our product offering and what we offer is unique.

This is why I see it as a major milestone that we have taken the alignment of our source-to-pay offering to the next level, both technically and commercially. Of course we are still continuing the work to really take this even further but our customers now can really benefit from the close alignment and close development of our source-to-pay products. Our goal is to be able to provide a single platform to our customers through which they can control all their transactions and business messages.

One of our core beliefs is that the customer should be at the center of all we do. In order to serve our customers, and future customers even better we have already taken steps to make sure we are fully aligned internally to create clearer accountability to the customer, from our sales people, through the delivery process to ongoing customer support. We believe this restructuring will go a long way to improving customer satisfaction and making OpusCapita a more reliable, accountable, partner.

OpusCapita has always looked at the end to end process and now this is even more reflected in everything we do. As you maybe know, OpusCapita has a long history in digitalization. The company has been around since the 80s, and since then we have made several strategic mergers and acquisitions. This has resulted in a broad and unique product offering but it’s no secret that there are challenges related to that. We have taken the exciting choice to align our different products such as e-procurement and Business Network Procurement messaging under the source-to-pay umbrella. This simplifies things for our customers but also makes our internal operations that much more focused and effective. I love seeing our different teams coming together working to digitalize global trade.

Of course changing the organization may not sound like the most exciting milestone but really it’s the way we think, it’s about changing our mind-set. We believe with a clearer focus on who we are and how our purpose needs to align with our customers’ goals will really drive an exciting, end-to-end culture which our customers will find valuable to engage with. I am personally really excited about this and look forward to see how this manifests in the various journeys we take with our customers.

I am also excited to see that the same movement is visible in the market. We are still getting asked by customers for point solutions but more and more, companies are looking for full end-to-end platforms that have the capability to fully digitalize and streamline their processes. With our strategic focus on source-to-pay, we ensure that the focus is towards optimizing processes as a whole and automating those processes instead of trying to fix parts of a larger process.

Johanna Rantala - OpusCapita

Johanna Rantala
Head of S2P Business Line

Johanna is a software business leader with a product and sales management soul. She joined OpusCapita in 2018 with extensive experience in the Source-to-Pay, Order-to-cash, Payments and global B2B sales.


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