April 16, 2019

Meet the OpusCapitans - Régis Déau

by OpusCapita

Usually on this blog we discuss about different industry trends and offer our insight. But we also think it could be interesting to read more about the people behind OpusCapita. In this new blog series we will introduce one of our colleagues with a short interview. The first one is our Head of R&D: Régis Déau

We recently had a photo competition where we were encouraging our employees to get creative. Régis is one of our finalists, and does well to remind us that engineers are artists as well.

Can you introduce yourself briefly?

My name is Régis and. I am the Head of source-to-pay Research and Development and Engineering.

What does photography mean to you?

A wise man once said : "The business of life is acquisition of memories" (note from the author, it seems our Régis likes to watch Downtown Abbey). And this pretty much describes what photography means to me: photography creates memories. I love to capture the important moments and share them with others.

Why did you decide to participate in the OpusCapita photo competition?
I wanted to share photos with my colleagues so that they could also enjoy them. And I really like the idea that we make use of our colleagues (hidden) talents and get a unique perspective through those pictures to our deeper personalities.

How do you see the OpusCapita brand? How do you think it should be developed further?

I enjoy that we are constantly moving forward with our brand, our new frontpage is a good example of this continuous development. I also feel it is important that we continuously shape out the employer brand of OpusCapita. I feel it’s important to highlight the people behind the company. I think this is something interesting for everyone, from prospective customers to future colleagues. (Author’s note: We agree, what do you as reader think?).

What is your favorite OpusCapita solution and why?

My role has allowed me to get a deeper look into most of our products and solutions and there are many things I am really proud of. But I may have to give a special shout-out to our cash management solution as this was the product I worked with first. I am really proud of the journey we have taken with this product.

If you got some extra budget you could invest in any way you want at OpusCapita, what would you do?

I would organize a fantastic team building workshops for all of us in a warm and sunny remote location and end it with a week of relaxing, activities on a beach on an island in the Caribbean. I do have a very creative mind for this kind of things!

Alright, what if you personally would get an extra bonus, what would you do?

I’d invest in a new phone. That idea has been bouncing in my head when looking at some of the really cool picture features the latest phones have. I have many other passions, travelling is a big one, especially with my wife and my two pre-teenage boys. I would check out one item from my/our bucket list: a trip to discover Japan!
Learn, discover, spend time with family and friends and relax are important things for a balanced life, I am willing to invest this money into that.

Any last words?

Thanks to all my colleagues, it’s a pleasure to work with you. And if you who is reading this blog is currently thinking about new challenges and you are working in engineering, check our open positions



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