May 16, 2018

The New OpusCapita Is a Provider to Know

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Do you know the new OpusCapita? In this blog, CEO Patrik Sallner shares his views on the recent transformation of the company and discusses why OpusCapita is a Provider to Know.

New OpusCapita Is a Provider to Know

Two years ago, OpusCapita set about transforming itself into a digital leader in the field of business-to-business trade. Our aim has since been clear: we enable companies to sell, buy and pay more effectively and securely, with a real-time view of their business.

On May 1, 2018, we reached a big milestone in our transformation as we finalized the reorganization of our operations into OpusCapita and Posti Messaging. This and the other determined actions we have taken earlier – first the divestment of the Finance and Accounting Outsourcing business, and then the outsourcing arrangement of the digitizing production – allow us now to have a sharp customer focus. The new OpusCapita concentrates fully on supporting its customers in the digital transformation of their finance and procurement processes.

Reaching beyond the traditional Procure-to-Pay limits

Today, OpusCapita’s customers are in a unique position to automate their true end-to-end processes. They can benefit from our broad portfolio, which extends well beyond the limits of a typical Procure-to-Pay offering in the market.

With a clear value proposition for the needs of Procurement, Accounts Payable and Treasury alike, companies can pursue comprehensive digitalization strategies.  In addition, we support equally the buyers and the sellers in the B2B trade.

If you are a CFO, it means a 360-degree view over cash and working capital. With the solutions for both Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable automation you can gain control of both the incoming and outgoing invoice and cash flows. Our capabilities in Cash Management include not only payments, but allow you to centralize and streamline company-level cash flows and optimize liquidity, improve transparency and forecasting accuracy, and mitigate the risk of fraud.

If you are a CPO, it means improved compliance, automated processes and reduced costs. A system that supports the whole value chain from strategic to operative procurement and all the way to purchase invoice automation and payments allows you to bring agility and efficiency to each of the steps in your Procure-to-Pay, even in complex procurement processes or services purchasing and other indirect spending.

And no matter if you are a buyer or a supplier, it means a connection to the broader ecosystems that enable you to transact with trading partners across the globe. The buyer-supplier ecosystem, as we like to describe it, pieces together everything we do for our customers, including the solutions for Product Information Management that support the sell-side of the trade or the tools for Supplier Information Management and Supplier Onboarding. Our Business Network enables suppliers to work digitally with the buying organizations and extends the integrated and automated processes to both sides of the trade.

And this is the real purpose of OpusCapita: Digitalizing global trade - one customer at a time.

A customer leader

The new OpusCapita I mentioned in the beginning is the result of our continued passion for developing a true end-to-end solution that automates procurement, accounts payable and cash management. This commitment has not gone unnoticed by the international analysts. Spend Matters just recently moved OpusCapita from their Provider to Watch list to the Provider to Know list, acknowledging our capabilities in bringing innovation to procurement organizations and driving a change in the way business is done.

OpusCapita was also positioned as a a Customer Leader on Spend Matters Procure-to-Pay, Invoice-to-Pay and E-procurement Solution Maps. As this ranking is based on both analyst review and customer input, it reflects our ability to meet the needs of our customers, even the more demanding ones. Over the years, many of our customers have referred to us as a partner, and the customer endorsements are the ones we are the most proud of.

Even if OpusCapita is not yet widely known outside of Northern Europe, we are truly one of the leading players in our field today. If you have not already seen how our integrated solution can enhance your organization’s efficiency and success, perhaps it is time to get to know us?

Patrik Sallner OpusCapita

Patrik Sallner


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