Oct 16 , 2018

The Inevitable Challenges with Procurement of Services

by Procurement, Source-to-Pay, eProcurement

Procurement of services continues to be a challenge for the procurement departments. Read this blog to find out why and learn how to overcome the challenge.
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Oct 10 , 2018

CFO, Why You Too Should Care About Spend Under Management

by Procurement, Source-to-Pay, eProcurement, Sourcing

Bringing more spend under management is a priority for the Chief Procurement Officers. This blog discusses why the metric matters for the Chief Financial Officers, too.
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Oct 03 , 2018

How to Achieve Cash Management Excellence, part 1: Cash Visibility

by Working Capital Optimization, Cash Management, Global Bank Connectivity, Liquidity Management

If you don’t know where you are today, how can you predict where you’ll be tomorrow? In this blog, we’ll focus on gaining cash visibility with best practice cash balance reports.
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Sep 12 , 2018

How Will the New European Standard on e-Invoicing Affect You?

by e-Invoicing, Digitalization, Trends and Technology, e-Invoice receiving, e-Invoice sending, Business network

The new European standard on e-invoicing will take effect soon. This blog summarizes what the standard actually is and what it is not. Do you know how it will affect your company?
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Sep 05 , 2018

Stop Wasting Time and Money: Paper Invoices Prevent Accounts Payable Efficiency

by e-Invoicing, Digitalization, e-Invoice receiving, Accounts Payable Automation, Business network

High rates of paper and unstructured email invoices prevent efficient invoice handling in mid-sized companies. Switching to e-invoices can spark Accounts Payable improvement.
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Sep 03 , 2018

The Ever-Present Risk of Payment Fraud - Where Are Your Blind Spots?

by Payment Fraud Prevention, Cash Management, Payments and Financing

Half of companies have fallen victim to payment fraud or economic crime within the last two years. Where should you focus to increase the safety of your payment process right now?
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Aug 28 , 2018

3 Trends That Are Driving Procurement Transformation

by Digitalization, Procurement, Trends and Technology, Source-to-Pay, eProcurement

The 2018 ProcureCon Benchmarking Report gives insight into the collective mind of the Chief Procurement Officer. This blog highlights 3 trends we think you should be aware of.
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Aug 21 , 2018

Mission Impossible: Can You Achieve Total Spend Visibility and Control?

by Procurement, Source-to-Pay, eProcurement

Is it possible to achieve 100% of spend under management? Or even hit close to this ultimate procurement goal? Yes, it is, but it doesn’t come easy.
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Jul 31 , 2018

Germany Is Shifting e-Invoicing into a New Gear in Europe

by e-Invoicing, Digitalization, e-Invoice receiving, e-Invoice sending, Business network

Germany has drawn up a solid roadmap to a digital future. How will the actions of the public sector affect the progress of e-invoicing in the country - and in the whole of Europe?
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Jul 17 , 2018

Who Knew MRO Was So Complicated?

by Procurement, Trends and Technology, Source-to-Pay, eProcurement

On top of the everyday complexities of MRO, those in the industry need to tackle disruptions affecting supply chains and increasing risks. What keeps MRO Managers up at night?
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Jul 02 , 2018

4 Concrete Steps to Purchase-to-Pay Implementation Success

by Digitalization, Procurement, Source-to-Pay, eProcurement, Accounts Payable Automation

What are the keys to a successful purchase-to-pay implementation? Samira Jaakkola, Procurement Manager at HDL, shares her experiences and insights after a determined project
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Jun 14 , 2018

The Future of B2B Trade Is in the Open Digital Business Networks

by Buyer-Supplier Ecosystem, Digitalization, Trends and Technology, Business network

Digitalization is set to disrupt B2B operating models with real-time information and interaction. How far along are we on the journey toward digital networks in global trade?
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Jun 13 , 2018

Why the Latin American Approach Is the Hot Topic in Electronic Invoicing?

by e-Invoicing, Trends and Technology, e-Invoice receiving, e-Invoice sending, Business network

The Latin American approach to e-invoicing has become a hot topic in Europe. What is the difference and why the interest is rising? This blog answers the most frequent questions.
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Jun 05 , 2018

Keep Going! 6 Reasons to Consider POBO and COBO

by Finance centralization, Working Capital Optimization, Cash Management, In-House Banking

Take a step further in in-house banking and boost the efficiency of your organization’s financial processes with POBO and COBO. Here are 6 reasons why it pays off.
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May 28 , 2018

Why Does Amazon-Like User Experience and Guided Buying Matter in e-Procurement?

by Procurement, Source-to-Pay, eProcurement

If your organization’s employees aren’t happy with the usability of the e-procurement system, it is hard to reach procurement targets. Here’s what guided buying means in practice.
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May 24 , 2018

Why Has the Digitalization of B2B Trade Not Gone All the Way?

by and Buyer-Supplier Ecosystem, Digitalization, Point-of-view, Source-to-Pay, Business network

Especially in the Nordics, e-invoicing has already become business-as-usual in the B2B trade. The digitalization has not extended to corporate purchasing and ordering. Why not?
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May 16 , 2018

The New OpusCapita Is a Provider to Know

by OpusCapita, Trends and Technology, Source-to-Pay

Do you know the new OpusCapita? In this blog, CEO Patrik Sallner shares his views on the recent transformation of the company and discusses why OpusCapita is a Provider to Know.
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May 16 , 2018

Countdown to the European e-Invoicing Standard Means Also a Spurt for PEPPOL

by e-Invoicing, Digitalization, Trends and Technology, e-Invoice receiving, e-Invoice sending, Business network

Only 11 months to go until public sector in Europe will need to be able to receive e-invoices. PEPPOL has become an interesting option for the implementation - here’s why.
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May 04 , 2018

5 Core Benefits of In-House Banking (And These Are Not All)

by Finance centralization, Cash Management, In-House Banking

Setting up an in-house bank leads to operational and strategic benefits. But what are they actually all about? Let’s take a closer look at 5 core benefits of in-house banking.
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Apr 23 , 2018

4 Reasons Why You Should Start e-Invoicing Now

by e-Invoicing, Digitalization, e-Invoice receiving, e-Invoice sending, Business network

The introduction of e-invoicing is the perfect start for the digitalization of a company’s financial processes. If you don’t want to be left behind, the time to start is now.
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Apr 13 , 2018

Supplier Performance Management: Why Should You Care?

by Procurement, Source-to-Pay, eProcurement

Why should corporations turn their focus to their suppliers? In short, effective supplier performance management will reduce various risks and save money.
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Apr 10 , 2018

GDPR Is Coming - Are We Ready?

by OpusCapita

When GDPR takes effect, companies need to comply with stricter data privacy rules. Here’s how OpusCapita has prepared for GDPR and how we support our customers in the effort.
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Mar 29 , 2018

5 Signs That Introducing a Modern In-House Bank Is the Right Solution for You

by Finance centralization, Cash Management, In-House Banking

Is in-house banking the right solution for you? Here are 5 things that help you determine if a modern in-house bank is well-suited for your organization’s cash management needs.
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Mar 14 , 2018

What Is an In-House Bank (IHB) and Why Should You Build One?

by Finance centralization, Cash Management, In-House Banking

Are you headed for the ultimate destination of cash management centralization, an in-house bank? In this blog we will dive into the key features of an IHB.
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Mar 12 , 2018

Smart AI – the Real Enabler for Success in the Digital Economy

by and Digitalization, Trends and Technology

Advanced machine learning helps improve current processes in cash management and goes beyond them for new business value. What does it take to harness the advantages of Smart AI?
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Mar 09 , 2018

Is It Time to Retire the Invoice?

by Digitalization, Post-Invoice Economy, Source-to-Pay

We are already in mid-March, and 2018 is seemingly just another year. Or is it? Last year we saw we were arriving in the post-invoice economy. Is the invoice ready to be retired?
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Mar 07 , 2018

Real-Time VAT Control Has Come to Europe and Is Changing e-Invoicing as We Know It

by e-Invoicing, Trends and Technology, e-Invoice receiving, e-Invoice sending

Italy is mandating e-invoicing for all companies and implementing real-time VAT control. Our expert explains in his blog why this is a sign of a game-changing trend in Europe.
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Feb 26 , 2018

Behind the Scenes: Why Did We Launch a Matching Solution for Automatic Account Reconciliation?

by Working Capital Optimization, Accounts Receivable Automation, Accounts Receivable Matching

We recently launched a solution for automatic account reconciliation - and we are proud of it! Take a peek behind the scenes to meet the people and hear the story of the product.
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Feb 22 , 2018

Where Does It Hurt? The State of Purchasing Practices in Health Care

by Procurement, eProcurement

Inflexible and time-consuming phases in ordering complicate daily work in health care organizations. This blog discusses the findings of a recent study by OpusCapita.
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Feb 19 , 2018

3 Reasons Why You Should Care About Quality Catalog Content in e-Procurement

by Procurement, Source-to-Pay, eProcurement

You should not underestimate the importance of the quality of your catalog content to your procurement efficiency. Here are 3 KPIs across your organization that are affected.
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Feb 06 , 2018

The Challenges of International e-Invoicing

by e-Invoicing, Buyer-Supplier Ecosystem, Digitalization, e-Invoice sending, Business network

For any company, the first step in overcoming the challenges of international e-invoicing is to focus on internal processes. In a SSC, e-invoicing can be the key enabler.
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Feb 01 , 2018

Chase Cash Out of Hiding! And Other Key Benefits of a Centralized Treasury

by Finance centralization, Working Capital Optimization, Cash Management, In-House Banking

Do you know how much cash is hidden in decentralized cash management process? The amount usually comes as a surprise. Visibility is a key benefit of centralized treasury.
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Jan 23 , 2018

7 Signs That It Is Time to Rethink Your Bank Connection Strategy

by Finance centralization, Cash Management, Global Bank Connectivity

Are you guilty of these transgressions in your bank connectivity? If you are, it might be high time for you to change your bank connection software to stay safe and efficient.
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Jan 17 , 2018

How EU e-Invoicing Initiatives Will Shape the Market in 2018

by e-Invoicing, Digitalization, PEPPOL, e-Invoice receiving, e-Invoice sending

Ready, steady, go! The year 2018 marks the countdown to the implementation of many electronic invoicing initiatives, and here’s why it matters for you.
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Jan 09 , 2018

The Headaches of Global Cash Management

by Finance centralization, Cash Management

Are you suffering from sub-optimal cash management? Identifying the pain points of group-level financial processes is the first step to gaining visibility and control.
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