April 19, 2017

Smarter Procurement in MRO

by Procurement Trends, E-procurement

In an age where timelines and cost structures mean everything, procurement has shifted to a central role in the cost and efficiency strategies of some of the world’s most powerful companies.

Smarter Procurement in MRO

In certain industries, procurement in logistics is central to operations. Without the right equipment and services in the right place at the right time, some businesses simply can’t fulfil orders. This is especially true for heavier industries – including oil & gas, steel, shipping and automobile manufacturing – where effective procurement for Maintenance, Repairs and Operations (also known simply as MRO procurement) can mean the difference between job completion or delays.

When procurement in logistics means everything

MRO management is a constant balancing act that demands a modern procurement platform with effective workflow automation. It’s about allocating and managing resources as efficiently as possible, so that on the one hand working capital and cash flow are optimized, while on the other hand inventories are minimized. Put even more simply, sometimes it’s just being able to search and find a specific part or service for the job at hand. Procurement in logistics is not just an add-on – it’s a central part of asset management strategies.

A procurement platform like no other

The third chapter of OpusCapita’s procurement eBook takes a closer look at procurement in logistics, with an MRO case study about a Danish shipping conglomerate. When the company needed a solution that would bring together the catalog and ERP systems of multiple business entities involved in a wide diversity of operations, they turned to OpusCapita for help in implementing a complete MRO procurement platform.

Topics covered in this chapter and MRO case study include:

  • The challenges of independent procurement and ERP legacy systems
  • How workflow automation can help with asset management
  • How effective catalog search is the starting point for an MRO procurement renewal project

Read the chapter

This is the third of four chapters in OpusCapita’s latest procurement eBook, where we look at modern (and smarter) procurement through customer case studies from companies operating in a variety of industries.

Rowan Lemley


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