May 05 , 2017

Hands-Free Procurement

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Web-based procurement or eProcurement was originally seen first and foremost as a better way to order catalog products than with older desktop-based procurement systems. However, with the rapid adoption of internet technology, eProcurement soon also came to be seen as a better way for buyers to connect to suppliers.

Hands-free Procurement

The result of this expanded role for procurement means that – over the past decade or so – the total spend under management of a company’s procurement platform has become an important metric for many companies. It has provided a good indication as to how efficient a company is, outside of traditional measures of profit or loss.

With procurement in such sharp focus, ease of use and intuitive UIs have been the main drivers for the development of eProcurement solutions over the past years. eProcurement service providers have implemented agile development and release processes into their platforms in order to keep up with the ever-changing demands relative to usability and providing a consumer-like experience. Furthermore, it provides agility and supports the continuous improvement of the solution, while simultaneously keeping platforms ahead of the game in terms of the security needs of a B2B environment.

The arrival of robotics

Recently, however, there has been another seismic shift in procurement. With the arrival of machine learning technologies and robotic process automation – coupled with constant pressures on costs and the workforce size – eProcurement customers are increasingly asking for support in these new technology areas. Ease of use and security are becoming mere hygiene factors as the focus now shifts to automating procurements processes.

To be sure, eProcurement is an exciting and innovative space. Read the linked eBook I just introduced here and learn what a global technology leader is doing today to take procurement to the next level in their organization.

Topics covered in this chapter include:

  • user experience/expectations in today’s procurement
  • machine learning and AI supporting automation
  • a hands-free future
  • a case study - global tech giant

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Rowan Lemley

Rowan Lemley has over 10 years of experience in the purchase-to-pay arena. During that time, he has lead product marketing for AP Automation, B2B networks, and most recently eProcurement and Product Information Management solutions.