April 25 , 2017

eSign - your key to the paperless document processes


Have you already found out how to take the most out of digitalization? Perhaps you have already set a goal to make your office and customer related processes paper free?

eSign brings you less errors

For digitalizing your document processes and transforming your office to paper free, you will need two solutions to be implemented as key factors: a digital document management system and digital signature, such as eSign. The two solutions combined will be a powerful tool that helps you not only be completely paper free, but also benefit from automation. In your office workers’ life it will mean that no-one will spend their working time for searching, refiling and refilling the documents again – everything will be retrievable in a few clicks in the system. They will be freed up to do work that machines cannot do for us.

Digitalization in customer service

Digitalizing your customer service doesn’t mean that human interaction will disappear. On the contrary, your customer care person will have more time and attention for the end-customers because the needed document forms will be easily available in a user friendly user interface. By just a few clicks the right template is found and can be signed by the customer, for example, on a designated tablet. Once the form has been signed, it moves automatically to the appropriate section in the document management system (and can be retrieved from there in no time if necessary).

Move your customer engagement online

There are always customers who prefer to shop in the piece of their own homes, perhaps even in the middle of the night. The beauty of eSign is that it is available 24/7. You can make the customer faced forms available on your webpage where they can be easily filled in and signed by your customers, and look good in different devices. This is a great way to engage your customers without getting them to the physical office. This is how Arvato is making use of eSign.

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Marja Vaba

Marja Vaba took over eSign product management in January 2017. Her goal in this role is to help as many customers as possible to use as many digital services as possible, including digital signing. During her years in Skype and Microsoft she learned how powerful digital tools are for streamlined and secure processes as well as good and clean user experience.