June 26 , 2016

OpusCapita expanding purchase-to-pay capabilities

by OpusCapita, Procurement

Believe me when I say: Strategy work can generate real surprises! The main purpose of every strategy renewal is to set the direction for future success. 

OpusCapita expanding purchase-to-pay capabilitiesTo manage this, we must break away from the daily grind and turn on our long distance radar to see wider and deeper. This requires solid analysis and hard work, but after an honest and eye-opening effort, the rewards can be significant, both for you as a customer and for OpusCapita. And this is what is happening right now.

One of the great insights of our recent strategy project was to realize that OpusCapita is already one of the world’s largest providers of digital invoice management, payments and cash management. Ours is actually a unique offering even on a global scale.

Due to the strong and early adoption of electronic transactions in our core market, the Nordic countries, OpusCapita is one of the leading global players in the purchase-to-pay market where we deliver more than most other vendors. In order to provide you with even better real-time visibility of your cash flows, we will further strengthen our offering for extended purchase-to-pay as our main strategic focus area.

Based on 30 years of experience in digitizing and automating paper-based processes, we are confident in our ability to be the partner you can trust and grow with on your transformation for the digital age.

Patrik Sallner

CEO, OpusCapita