Something good out of bad – a story of superior customer experience


Friday the 13th was definitely unlucky day for me: When driving in the evening in Warsaw my car broke down, suddenly all the lights in the car (inside and outside) started to blink like in a Christmas tree resulting to a fact that worst was to be expected - after a minute of such lightshow the engine turned off and I was left helpless to wonder what now?

After few calls friends came to help me out, but this writing is not about the value of friends when in need. This is about what happened after few days – when I became a victim.

Victim of positive customer service, when went to get the fixed car. As mentioned before, car broke down on Friday evening and due to multiple factors, I was able to take it to the service salon around 10pm – where noticed they had team of 4 people expecting for me; they had stayed there just for me as had called and informed them on the situation. After quick analysis they told me that car would stay overnight and tomorrow they would give me a call. Which they did as promised, telling exactly when everything would be fixed with price estimate.

Although the service price was definitely higher than expected or some other place would have done the service cheaper, chose particularly this place as it was fairly close to the place where my car had broken down. Monday 16th late afternoon upon my arrival they provided me with quiet room to work (with coffee and snacks) when waiting; as I was on a phone meeting when arriving to the place, no words were necessary, whispering voice by the service employee “you can stay here and I keep you updated” was enough. Employees updated me on parts that they had to change as well as parts which "will last some kilometres, but we would recommend changing" as well as complete price - with small possibility to bargain.

But the superior customer experience and shock came when finally walked back to the car: It was washed in- and outside (even the rims!) as well as had shiny wax layer on. Also there was business card with direct number to contact if similar unfortunate situation ever happens again in Poland. Not to mention the smell of new car (how do they do it?)

Then I noticed paper lying on the seat next to me with analysis of most of the parts which tend to wear out, as well as wheels I am currently using with an estimation when the next service will be expected, I was simply smiling.

I did not mind the higher price at all at this stage – After such a superior customer experience I was grateful had chosen this place, also in future I simply cannot imagine taking my car for service to any other place. The experience was so good I even praised the place to my friends. This is how service combined with keeping promises, open and good communication even when the message is not nice and great eye for each customer’s needs generate situation where customer is left with only positive thoughts and feeling as special – in the end price was secondary factor. At least for me this was a good teaching how each business should pamper their customers to ensure success.

Pekka MannistoPekka Männistö works in Polish sales organization and car is essential  tool in his work


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