Risking stagnation – Is your shared service centre treading water?


GLOBALIZATION was “thee” word back in the 90s. It didn’t only mean going global, but being global. Around the same, the term Shared services also entered the corporate lexicon. Companies were hyped about success stories of shared services, claiming extreme savings, over-the-top client satisfaction and tremendous quality improvements. So, the concept for shared services made a break-through and is still, in 2015 a growing trend.

Then what happens? SSC’s demonstrate strong performance just after their deployment, but often struggle living up to the business case for cost and quality improvement over time. Many SSC’s slide in to a vicious circle of stagnation.

In this article , I am about to discuss the key warning signs of a stagnation in shared services. No panic - there are tricks to exit the circle. Scrolling down the blog you will find my list of suggestions for rescuing your SSC profitability and reputation as top performer.

Heini Pensar / OpusCapita

Heini PensarHeini Pensar is an outsourcing specialist with over 10 years’ experience in Business Process Outsourcing and Consulting. She has managed global projects and accounts, supporting her clients in planning and implementing multi-national shared services and outsourced service models.

Heini is specialized in Finance & Accounting and Human Resources, and has over the past years closely worked with enterprise leadership from multiple industries in designing tailor-made service solutions.
Outside work Heini is dedicated in charity and family activities. Heini runs family cafés and children clubs, and holds the position of ombudsman for children at Sipoon suomalainen seurakunta (from 2015 onwards).