September 01 , 2015

Management by Moving Around

by Point-of-view

Management by Moving AroundNCC is one of the leading construction and development companies in northern Europe, with a turnover of more than six billion euro and 18 500 employees. Due to the financial crises year 2008-2009, NCC had, like many other companies at that time, to standardize and streamline their organization.

The same applied to NCC Business Services (NBS) that delivers administrative services in the field of finance to NCC's companies in the Nordic. One of many measures in a more comprehensive strategy, was to hire OpusCapita as a partner in supplier invoices digitizing. The change management process was complemented 2010 with the project, “Efficient Reporting”, which resulted in that NBS work became 45 per cent more effective.

The one who believe that NBS success was achieved just through iron discipline and hard hands, are wrong. It is very much about creating trust and cooperation with customers in a decentralized culture as the construction industry.

Maria Anjou is today Vice President of NCC Business Service, NBS. She came to NCC year 2010 as head of the accounting and reporting groups. Three years later she got a team mate in the externally recruited Ann Hamler, Head of customer support at NBS. Together they have strengthened the focus on working with more unified processes, and to intercept all parts of NBS.

Ann Hamler describes an episode that occurred her first day on NBS. In the hallway, she met a new colleague who did not sound especially exhilarated.

“I forgot to sign out from support service desk, and now I have been working double shifts”, the man complained.

Ann´s reply came quickly and had the purpose of changing his attitude and in the long term also his behavior.

“Wow! That is great! That is what I call ambition”, she praised. The man seemed a bit puzzled, but then he smiled. Today, he is one of many within NBS that feels thrilled to have a strong customer focus.

Maria and Ann are convinced that soft values such as empathy, understanding and feed-back are necessary to achieve full effect of the various programs. Empathy and understanding have become a natural part of employees' everyday business, and Maria and Ann are constantly working on being present.

“We call it Management by Moving Around”, Maria Anjou says. “We can never fully understand how we best can help people in our organization to build a strong customer relationship, if we do not constantly move around and communicate with colleagues.

One key to success has been to establish different forums for regular meetings with NBS internal and external customers.

Customer Council, is one of them. It aims to use experiences from customer contacts to submit proposals and operate a common development of NBS’ systems and processes.

Quarterly meetings let customers and NBS’ department heads meet with CFO and Chief Controllers of each business within NCC. The meetings provides customers an opportunity to describe its operations and activities that may have an effect on NBS.

Delivery team meetings. NCC representatives of each business area and business unit for a country participates. The focus is on discussing proposals for common solutions which are tailored to the particular country's laws and regulations.

“To create one NCC are one of our primary targets”, Maria and Ann says unanimously.

Customer satisfaction, CSI, has for two consecutive years reached 69. That is slightly below NBS’ goal of 70. The change management process will continue in order to reach the objectives, and further develop the company’s customer relationship.

OpusCapita is NCC’s service provider for digitizing and payment factory services.