New demand for global payment factory solutions


Companies are now actively seeking global payment factory solutions for international cash management that meet their needs.

“There are always many drivers when companies set out to build a payment factory solution. However, new payment factory concepts are undoubtedly one of the main reasons why companies have recently become more active in this respect. As a result of agile and efficient solutions, we have finally reached a point where companies can manage global cash flows and bank connections in a centralized manner through a single system and at a reasonable cost,” says Jukka Sallinen from OpusCapita.

OpusCapita’s payment factory concept for international business operations combines OpusCapita’s cash flow management and the global bank connections offered by the Swift Alliance Lite2 service into a seamless comprehensive solution. The solution is the first of its kind in the Nordic countries and northern Europe.

“Companies have been waiting for a solution of this type. As we expected, it’s attracting high interest now that it’s available, and several solutions are in the process of being implemented. There is a lively demand for payment factory solutions implemented by OpusCapita that are based on direct Nordic bank connections,” says Sallinen.

The high interest in payment factory solutions was evident at OpusCapita’s customer event in Helsinki in November, where the Nordic company—which operates on four continents—explained what type of payment factory solution it had developed with Swift for cash management in merger situations. The two companies presented what is probably the most advanced global payment factory currently in existence.

Around 20 financial decision-makers from top international companies operating in Finland attended the event to learn about the pioneering project, share experiences and present their views. They exchanged thoughts with colleagues long into the evening. The participants represented companies with total net sales of approximately EUR 50 billion and around 150,000 jobs.

“Our event in Helsinki was a success. Next we intend to attract an equally impressive group of financial decision-makers in Stockholm and Oslo.”  


Jukka Sallinen

Solution Owner, Payment Manager

Tel. +358 40 590 6144