October 10 , 2014

Automation of support services is increasing – what will become of the service center?


This is what Tom Bangemann, The Hackett Group, told a reporter when he was interviewed for OpusCapita’s customer magazine Journal: “Up to now, automation has been considered the solution to routine processes, and human involvement is only needed in exceptional situations. Software development has now come up with features which enable a machine to come to conclusions in the same way as a human brain and to make decisions on the basis of the conclusions. So what will become of the service center?”

“Service centers are continuously optimizing themselves by utilizing the most efficient automation tools that are available. In theory this will mean that fewer people will be needed, but there are still new tasks for the excess capacity at service centers to take care of.”

 “However, at some point, things will change and there will be less work to do. Service centers will need to remain in close contact with company business, and members of staff will have to take care of various tasks in the company and the service center. This will enable the service center to gain new competence and serve the company in more and more demanding tasks as it moves towards its target and becomes more automated.”