fraud risk assessment tool

Payment fraud affects more than two-thirds of companies globally. We created this assessment tool to help you understand the vulnerabilities you might have within your own payment process and provide you with actionable tips that you can implement right away. Just answer the 6 questions below and we will email you the results per email. 

Strongly disagree Disagree I don't know Agree Strongly Agree
1. We strictly control user rights to the payment system and have full visibility of who has access to our systems at each step of the payment process.

2. Our company carries out a fraud risk assessment at least once per year.

3. We have a unified payment process throughout our company which is documented and has an owner.

4. We run regular vulnerability and penetration testing on our payment systems.

5. Our payment system has the latest technologies for secure data transfers.

6. We have a highly automated payment process with minimal manual interaction needed.