OpusCapita – what we do

OpusCapita enables organizations to sell, buy and pay quickly and securely, with a real-time view of their business. Our customers use our source-to-pay, cash management and product information management solutions to connect, transact and grow. OpusCapita processes hundreds of millions of electronic transactions annually on our Business Network.

We have a comprehensive portfolio

The OpusCapita portfolio is one of the most comprehensive in the industry comprising procure-to-pay, cash management and business network solutions. We support both buyers and sellers and have been recognized by various industry analysts for our unique offering.

OpusCapita portfolio

We are a global player

Founded in 1984, we are headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, with 7 offices in Europe and the USA. We are a global challenger with 3000 customers using our solutions in over 100 countries. Our delivery capabilities support global rollouts for the most demanding organizations and environments.

With one of the largest global business networks

The OpusCapita Business Network connects over 1 million companies with over 220 million e-transactions making it one of the largest business networks globally. We are an open network with interoperability to PEPPOL and over 200 other e-invoicing networks.

And a thriving marketplace

OpusCapita processes over 100 billion euros in payments for our customers who are connected to approximately 11,000 financial institutions globally via our SWIFT certified payment solutions.  If it sounds like a thriving marketplace, that’s because it is. There are well over 40 million products and services available to OpusCapita customers representing many thousands of contracted suppliers.

Our philosophy

Every company needs a purpose. Ours is to digitalize global trade, one customer at a time. We understand that the goal of digitalizing global trade is quite ambitious, but we believe in our mission and we work hard to ensure every customer is able to realize their strategies for digitalization.

source: Spend Matters Procure-to-Pay Solution Map Q1, 2018.

source: Spend Matters Procure-to-Pay Solution Map Q1, 2018.

Our customer commitment is recognized

We’ve been recognized by Spend Matters in their latest Procure-to-Pay Solution Map, Q1, 2018 for the strength of our customer commitment.

What we feel passionate about

Some people need a cup of coffee to get up in the morning and face the day. At OpusCapita, what really gets us excited is the opportunity to support our customers’ goals - customers including global players such as Maersk and IBM.

But, you don’t have to be a global giant to benefit from our robust solutions. Give us a chance to get to know you and your needs, and we’ll be happy to suggest practical options to produce the results you are after.

Want to know more?

Give us a call or send us a note – we are easy to reach and happy to discuss your financial process digitalization strategy or that one step in your journey that needs modernization.

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