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Digital invoicing and procurement

OpusCapita is a leading European provider of e-invoicing solutions, O2C and P2P messaging services, and advanced procurement services for large and mid-sized companies. With our cloud-based solutions, we help you better manage your procurement, supply chain and AP&AR, getting you paid faster, lowering your processing costs, and bringing you savings.

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All our solutions are cloud-based with highest security and a 24/7 service desk.

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Efficiency to e-invoicing, e-transactions & process automation for buyers & suppliers. Connectivity & compliancy. All channels & formats. Automatic e-transition.
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Proficiency to catalogs, webshop & procurement processes for requisition & operational procurement. Solid ERP integration. Smart webshop. Advanced procurement capabilities.
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“We remove the complexity in a complex world. We digitalize our customers and e-transition them, that’s what we do."

Per Åberg, Head of Business Network

OpusCapita’s 1700 customers are connected to over 1 million suppliers, exchanging 100 million e-transactions annually across the OpusCapita Business Network.

AI-boosted invoice automation

OpusCapita Invoice Process Automation

Take your invoice handling to the next level - increase your AP productivity, shorten lead times and reduce errors by replacing manual work with highly sophisticated automation, optimized for high invoice volumes. Enjoy a dynamic & visual workflow like never before, provide your employees with easy invoice approval flows, and gain a significant increase in your invoice automation level, which you can further improve with artificial intelligence.

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E-transitioning has never been easier

OpusCapita is committed to supporting our customers as they take the final steps away from paper invoices and embrace the full potential of becoming digital businesses.


Procurement can be fun

Don’t let enterprise software make e-procurement difficult. Controlled yes, efficient - oh yes. Comprehensive - absolutely yes. Find out today what modern e-procurement feels like.


Digitalize your core processes

eProcurement from OpusCapita is a unified cloud-based platform delivering sourcing, procurement and accounts payable with full connectivity to your trading partners.

Business Network

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Best practices, tips & tricks, great solutions or simply membership one of the largest e-invoicing business networks - What would make the biggest difference in your organisation?

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