Take end-to-end control of your cash flow

Can you afford the costly delays due to your inefficient processes in turning the customers’ orders into cash on hand? Speeding up the order-to-cash cycle by just a few days can have a dramatic effect on your working capital, and you can free up significant liquidity for effective use. Passive sales receivables management will also show up on your bottom line. It is not uncommon that companies end up writing of several percentages of their annual revenue in bad debts.

Gaining true control over incoming cash and reducing credit risk require real-time visibility of your receivables. We can help you to achieve that, as we offer a true end-to-end support to your order-to-cash cycle, all the way from order management and invoicing to the collection of overdue invoices. We take responsibility for the whole O2C chain, and you will get all the solutions and services seamlessly with one contract, from one provider.

The processes are highly digital and automated, which allows you to benefit in full from the fruits of the comprehensive approach: the continuous quality and cost-efficiency. You will have your cash flowing in as quickly as possible, cutting out days from your DSO (days sales outstanding).

Take care of your cash flows – and your customers

With over 30 years of experience in developing cash flow automation, payment traffic and invoicing solutions, we have the expertise for improving every step of your O2C process. In addition, we want to help you take care of your customers’ experience in the process, as well.

Our automated multi-channel invoicing service with international reach combines all outbound invoice flows from your end, and your customer will receive their invoices via whichever channel they prefer. Well-managed interaction to accounts receivables (AR) enable the automation of payment reconciliation. The end-to-end control and visibility of all the phases helps to decrease the amount of errors and delays in your invoicing process, and establishes a basis for clear communication with your customers.

Have you ever thought that even the debt collection activities can support customer relationships, when done in a way that takes into account the individual situation of customer companies? It is possible to take care of your cash flows and your customers at the same time!