Organizations are increasingly seeking to utilize a global trend in Working Capital Optimization within Financial Supply Chains. Buyers are pushing to improve their DPO (Days Payable Outstanding) while Suppliers try to reduce their DSO (Days Sales Outstanding). On the other hand sometimes buyers see an opportunity to pay early to utilize payment terms for lowering the overall purchasing cost. Supply Chain Finance (SCF) programs cater to both buyers and sellers needs for an optimized Supply Chain financing operations.

With the help of SCF programs, either with reverse factoring or dynamic discounting, companies can unify their payment terms and in return, offer their suppliers a cost efficient way to finance their receivables. The outcome is not only optimizing the working capital and decreasing the need for external funding but also reducing Supplier risk. The SCF program can be set up in a short timeframe due to standardized processes and readymade interfaces towards the funders and ERP systems. 

OpusCapita’s SCF solution includes everything from analyzing the supplier base by utilizing predictive analytics to categorizing and prioritizing suppliers in order to maximize the program results. We offer tools for Procurement to harmonize the payment term negotiations and efficient Supplier activation and onboarding utilizing advanced technology. The Invoice Automation platform ensures that invoices get accepted fast. The state of the art multi banking trading platform also means Risk Mitigation, and ensures a constant supply of liquidity to our programs.

What is Supply Chain Finance?