Gain Competitive Advantage with Product Information Management


Product Information Management from OpusCapita delivers measurable results for key stakeholders by improving key processes. By ensuring relevant, accurate and timely access to product data, your internal supply chain becomes a value driver supporting sales goals through expanded product access, fewer inquiries and fewer returns.

Keeping your data centralized and up-to-date is key to effectively managing your product information and building competitive advantage.

Central, relevant and fast access to product information makes a big difference

Have you ever thought about just how harmful incorrect product information can be to your sales? Poor product information can mean your products aren’t found, don’t fit on shelves, are labeled wrong, or incorrectly stored. All of these contribute to increased return rates.

If you are a manufacturer or a retailer, you can gain competitive advantage by increasing both the quality and availability of your product data. OpusCapita Product Information Management solution makes it easier for your customers to buy from you.

Benefits of our Product Information Management include:

  • Provides detailed, up-to-date product information
  • Keeps the information in all your sales channels current
  • Meets sector-specific requirements such as commodity spot price data retrieved from external data sources, or condensed data for the spare parts trade


Integrates with your ERP & other solutions

OpusCapita Product Information Management solutions are ideal for managing your products. Integrating Product Information Management with your ERP and logistics systems (e.g. SAP or Microsoft) or other local applications (e.g. Microsoft Excel) you can create a single source for all product information – including technical specifications, marketing texts and multimedia content.

Integrated workflow management guarantees security, clear processes, e.g. for translation, and a transparent overview of all product versions. You can carry out automated checks on your product information to ensure it complies with your pre-defined rules. You can also easily make updates with mass data processing.

OpusCapita Product Information Management also provides an easy-to-adapt interface to third party B2C e-commerce solutions such as OXID eSales, Shopware, Magento, Intershop and Xsite.

Where is product information found? Who uses it? The answer might surprise you.

Oc Sources Channels Product Information Management

Accelerate creative desktop publishing

Use the data stored in OpusCapita Product Information Management to quickly and easily publish product information in printed form. This functionality enables a shorter go-to-market for new product releases, and faster data updates to your existing product catalog.

All kinds of publications can be custom designed or automatically produced: as multilingual paper catalogs, product data sheets, PDF files or price lists via Print-on-Demand. Our plugin-based solutions enable you to work directly in Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress.

You can even generate templates and page content using layout rules found in enterprise software solutions such as priint:comet, Xactuell or InBetween.

Product Information Management from OpusCapita enables key people in your sales and marketing teams with centralization, relevant and fast access to product information when they need it most. With OpusCapita Product Information Management your product data quality improves, your admin costs are reduced and your consistency across sales channels increases.


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