B2B Business Network

There is often confusion between different types of invoice automation under the term “e-invoicing”. Invoice automation via scanning and OCR and the sending of PDF invoices via email, both remove paper from the process and are often referred to as e-invoicing. But neither of them are really considered to be “true” e-invoicing as these lack the accuracy and richness of data that is needed for automating the purchasing and invoice processing.

True e-invoicing helps to fully automate the invoice process so the buyer does not need to perform any data entry because invoice information flows directly from the supplier to the buyer’s ERP or workflow system. The buyer receives invoices from its suppliers using formats that have been agreed in advance. The invoices may include mechanisms such as EDI and digital signatures to ensure authenticity and integrity.

In order to make it simple for buyers and sellers we have created a connectivity platform that not only connects buyers with suppliers but also connects other supplier networks to our network making the reach much wider than any single network.

With one connection your company can reach hundreds of thousands of potential business partners to exchange everything from PO:s to invoices in various formats such as XML, EDIFACT or pdf. The connection will also ensure that your company is compliant with local laws on invoicing.

In addition to traditional business messages we can offer solutions for the exchange of everything from catalogs, self-billing data, reclamation workflow messages, payment confirmation messages and even supply chain financing transactions. The real value of using one provider for all of your external integration is that all data can be logged and analyzed for cost optimization, patterns, quality deviations and fraud detection.

Using electronic messaging and particularly electronic invoicing provides unique benefits to both invoice senders and invoice receivers.