OpusCapita receives SWIFT Corporate Cash Management label for the 3rd time


OpusCapita has been awarded with the 2017 SWIFT Certified Application Corporate Cash Management label. OpusCapita’s cloud-based cash management solution earned the label for the t...

The Global Billentis Market Report predicts 36 billion electronic invoices worl...


The digital transformation is no longer an option, it is an imperative. The growing volumes of electronic invoices due to new government initiatives, business process automation, ...

Billentis market report 2017

The focus is shifting from e-invoicing to digital transformation of business processes. The Billentis Report 2017 gives insight to the drivers and trends in the e-invoicing market...

The Size of Payment Fraud

Payment fraud is an increasing risk within the corporate sector and is becoming a growing priority for Corporate Treasurers.

Fresh insights on financial and procurement processes in the digital age


What defines modern procurement, and how does an end-to-end approach to purchase-to-pay enable financial and operational excellence for the whole organization?

Hands-free Procurement


WEB-BASED PROCUREMENT (or eProcurement) was originally seen first and foremost as a better way to order catalog products than with older desktop-based procurement systems. However...

OpusCapita to sell Financial and Accounting Outsourcing business to Longship


Finnish OpusCapita Group Oy, a fully owned subsidiary of Finnish Posti Group Corporation, has agreed to sell its Finance and Accounting Outsourcing business (FAO) to various funds...

eSign - your key to the paperless document processes


Have you already found out how to take the most out of digitalization? Perhaps you have already set a goal to make your office and customer related processes paper free?

OpusCapita starts cooperation negotiations in digitizing and printing operation...


OpusCapita has today announced to start cooperation negotiations to reorganize its digitizing and printing operations in the Document and Transaction Processing business unit

PSD2 speeds up digitalization in cash management


In less than 300 days, EU member states need to have implemented the Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) into their legislation. Change in the financial industry is evident.

Smarter Procurement in MRO


MRO management is a constant balancing act that demands a modern procurement platform with effective workflow automation. It’s about allocating and managing resources as efficient...

Indirect Procurement: 2017 Market Report

Indirect procurement lags behind the efficiencies gained by other financial processes. This report reveals the greatest gaps - and opportunities.

ESV signs a new government framework agreement with OpusCapita


The Swedish National Financial Management Authority (ESV) has signed a new government framework agreement with OpusCapita, the leading company in Scandinavia

Modern procurement systems bring simplicity to complex business environments


When operations are demanding and time is of the essence, an effective procurement process should bring simplicity and peace of mind.

Supply Chain Finance: Ready to get into the driver’s seat?


There is a Finnish saying that if you try and steer your car forward by looking into the rear view mirror, you’ll probably encounter some unintende...

B2B Procurement: Shopping that won’t exhaust you


I bet all of you have either been or seen that guy in a department store, sitting on the courtesy couch (love that couch!) near the changing rooms wai

Billentis market report 2016

According to the global market research report on e-invoicing published by Billentis, a new era of digitization and automation lies ahead. Large buyer

Companies are expecting Intelligent Automation

Interest towards Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is apparent. We asked 70 companies about their awareness of and int

5 reasons to consider hiring a consultant


There’s an HBO drama series called ‘House of Lies’ that tells the story of a high-flying management consultant, Marty Kaan (played by Don Cheadle) who

OpusCapita takes government agencies and institutes to the European PEPPOL


Government agencies and institutes in Finland have joined the European PEPPOL network for electronic invoicing through an Access Point provided by OpusCapita.

PEPPOL reaches europe: join the growing network!


The PEPPOL network is expanding rapidly in different parts of Europe. If you are not yet familiar with this acronym, I encourage you to take a closer

Concrete steps for fraud prevention in your organi


In the last blog posts, we dug deeper into a recent phenomenon which is CEO fraud. A form of fraud where an attacker mimics the email of the CEO or an

Changing views on Purchase-to-Pay processes

More and more corporates find themselves in the middle of a changed competitive field in the digitized and networked economy. How do executives at the

One third of companies have become victims of frau


This or similar might be the start of an email that brings us directly into one of fastest growing forms of cyber fraud, namely CEO fraud.

Six good reasons to invest in electronic procureme


Convincing arguments for pushing digitalization in procurement. Digital transformation is the talk of the town, or should we say industry. Left and r

Are your document manage- ment practices outdated?


Having worked with various types of companies for years, I have noticed that companies manage their documents in a surprisingly decentralized manner.

The fashionable ecosystem


"What does digitalization mean for our industry? What about the fact that people are always online with their smartphones?”

The 5 major costs of poor document management


Managing electronic documents incorrectly can cause your company a number of problems, the most serious of which is that you may even be breaking the

Blockchain builds trust


Blockchain has repeatedly been described as one of the most disruptive technologies of our time, having the potential to completely transform the bank

Artificial intelligence has arrived in finance


Over the past few years, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has begun to revolutionize knowledge work in finance and accounting. Today, software robots

e-Invoicing is no Longer Enough!


I’ll admit, I didn’t read the full report but then again, I don’t think it’s meant to be a cover-to-cover read. I’ve been a fan of Bruno’s for a few

OpusCapita joins project to create a Blockchain


Finland and the other Nordic countries are world leaders in the digitalization of invoice traffic between companies. Worldwide, the market penetration

Towards a successful digital business network


In this series of blogs, we have discussed the way in which companies can achieve a highly digital business network. Even when a company has achieved

Accurate procurement means easier invoicing


It’s no secret that the invoice handling process in best-in-class organizations operates like clockwork. But just how do they achieve this? It all sta

OpusCapita recognized in Treasury Management


OpusCapita’s cloud based cash management solution brings value to nearly 1,000 organizations in almost 60 countries by giving them full control

Towards a successful digital business network


When the service is in production and the first experiences have been gathered, it is time to think about expanding the service to cover your entire b

OpusCapita Robotic Process Automation business is


Robotic Process Automation is currently deserving a lot of hype, and it is for a good reason. OpusCapita is currently working in various different exi

Making sense of managing data


In today’s digital economy, it’s essential for companies to have a data management strategy. But where should you start? What goals should you set? An

IN FOCUS – Improving your invoice data quality


Developments in invoice processing have made the practice much easier and faster than before, but have also made it more challenging for accounts paya

Disruptions in the digital age


The latest issue of our customer magazine, the OpusCapita Journal is now available.

Brisk growth in E-invoicing and the 3 drivers acce


Recently, the European E-invoicing Service Providers Association EESPA reported that over 1,25 billion electronic invoices were processed and delivere

Toward a successful digital business network – Ste


The quickest achievable benefits provide a good starting point for practical measures. In the first stage, the measures should be limited to the five

Four transformations in financial management


The fourth industrial revolution is under way, and technology is advancing in leaps and bounds. Many technological trends also mean changes to compani

Changing views on purchase-to-pay processes – 2016


In the digitized, networked economy more and more corporations find themselves in the middle of a changed competitive field.

Towards a successful digital business network


Once the senior management have drawn up their overall digitalization plan, the next decisions that you need to make are which type of organization to

OpusCapita pioneers public sector use of software


OpusCapita – the Nordic region’s leader in automation for digital invoicing and financial processes – has made an agreement to provide a software

Opuscapita expands its e-invoicing reach


OpusCapita continues to grow its e-invoicing network and has signed an agreement with the Dutch-based electronic invoicing community SimplerInvoicing

First ISO 27001 certificate for OpusCapita


OpusCapita has been granted its first ISO 27001 certification executed by an independent audit and issued by certification body Bureau-Veritas.

Towards a successful digital business network – St


Two weeks ago, I promised in my blog that during the fall I would discuss the five most important steps in creating a digital business network. The fi

Are you easy to do business with?


What would you do if you could start your current business or company anew, right from the start? This is the question to ask now.

Access rights create safety


OpusCapita to implement stricter user management policies.

OpusCapita has completed cooperation negotiations


OpusCapita has completed the cooperation negotiations in its Finance and Accounting Outsourcing business unit in Finland in order to develop current

Successful digital business networks in five steps


There is no denying that summer is over. The evenings are drawing in and getting colder. Many northern birds are noticing this and heading south.

Are you ready for the new automation culture?


Robotic Process Automation makes it possible to automate tasks that were once thought to be impossible to automate. Machine Learning and Artificial In

OpusCapita receives again SWIFT Corporate Cash


OpusCapita has been awarded with the 2016 SWIFT Certified Application Corporate Cash Management label. OpusCapita’s cloud-based cash management

PEPPOL will change the game in e-invoicing


Are you keen on e-invoicing? If yes, then PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement Online) probably is on your radar screen already. And if it is not,

OpusCapita starts cooperation negotiations in Fi


OpusCapita has today announced to start cooperation negotiations in its Finance and Accounting Outsourcing business unit in Finland in order to

Jesper Ritsmer Stormholt appointed Head of OpusCap


OpusCapita, the Nordic market leader in e-invoicing and financial processes, strengthens its international sales and software knowledge by appointing

Companies are warming up for robotics


OpusCapita, provider of digitalized and automated business ecosystems, conducted an international survey to declare how companies are approaching

Global market research report


Corporations are turning their focus from pure e-invoicing and optimizing merely the invoice processes to a broader approach.

Instead of taking jobs, robots and intelligent


Interest towards Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is apparent. We asked 70 companies about their awareness of and int

OpusCapita and M-Files announce partnership to


25 June 2016. OpusCapita strengthens its service offering in Document Process Automation, with the announcement that the company has added the M-Files

OpusCapita at Treasury & Cash 2016


A facilitator and an enabler. These are the words that Nina Brun, Head of Back Office and Cash Management at NCC, and Tuula Hatakka,

Digitalisation in the spotlight


OpusCapita and Curato Røntgen AS recently signed a three-year partnership agreement with the aim of improving the distribution of appointment letters

OpusCapita to acquire German jCatalog


OpusCapita Group Oy, a Nordic market leader in e-invoicing and financial processes, has today agreed to acquire a privately held German-based company

OpusCapita forecasts digitalization revolution in


OpusCapita, a Nordic market leader in e-invoicing and financial processes, estimates that business ecosystems will undergo rapid digitalization in the

OpusCapita’s personnel negotiations concluded


OpusCapita has concluded its personnel negotiations to reduce personnel as part of adapting its new strategy and transforming to new operating model

Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Int


We would like to invite You to participate in our Robotic Process Automation & Artificial Intelligence survey.

What do Chanel’s little black dress and digital


On the pages of the fresh issue of the OpusCapita Journal you’ll find the answer – and other interesting discussions around the topical theme of

Why bank connectivity as a service wins over the t


You can’t be in business without having a relationship with at least one bank. Every corporate has had to solve their bank connectivity,

Will 2016 be the year the paper invoice becomes


Did you make any New Year’s resolutions this year?

What’s on top of the CPOs’ mind? Top 5 takeaways


I and some of my fellow opuscapitans were thrilled to participate in the Nordic Strategy Forum CPO in Riga this February.

First in the Nordics:Opuscapita receives Swift


OpusCapita has been awarded the 2015 SWIFT Certified Application Corporate Cash Management label. The certification has been granted to OpusCapita’s

OpusCapita’s new operating model to drive growth


Today OpusCapita has announced a new planned organization and operating model in order to implement its new strategy and to improve profitability.

Impact of postal strike on OpusCapita’s services


The Finnish Post and Logistics Union PAU has announced postal strikes, the first of which started at 4 pm on Thursday November 19. According to the

How Well Do You Sleep at Night? Are Your Global


Many of us have read and witnessed how cybercrime and fraud has become one of the most significant risk management topics for corporates. However, des

Robotics powered Finance & Accounting – how to get


KPMG recently published an attention-grabbing paper “Bots in the Back Office: BPO withers as RPA grows”, predicting end of Business Process Outsour

Tuomas Itkonen Appointed as Senior Vice President


OpusCapita, part of the Finnish Posti Group Oyj, has appointed Tuomas Itkonen as Senior Vice President to head the Finance and Accounting Outsourcing

OpusCapita streamlines its business focus in the


Finnish financial process provider sells its printing and scanning business to BaltCap.

Kredithanterarna rebranded to OpusCapita


Stockholm 2015-11-09; In connection to OpusCapita’s acquisition of Kredithanterarna, the company has been rebranded as a consequence of a widened

OpusCapita Q3 financials


OpusCapita Q3 financials were published today as part of Posti Group's financials.

Risking stagnation – Is your shared service centre


GLOBALIZATION was “thee” word back in the 90s. It didn’t only mean going global, but being global. Around the same, the term Shared services also ente

New release of OpusCapitas communication tool


Connect facilitates your communication to get noticed by your recipients, since the sent messages are relevant to the target group.

What really matters – test your service provider


Last week I questioned recent survey results which stated that outsourcing in mid-market is moving slowly. My experience has been the opposite. Outsou

Medium-sized companies don’t outsource? They do. A


BDO and Suomen Taloushallintoliitto ry recently published a report in which 120 CFO’s from medium-sized Finnish companies were interviewed. According

The effects of Friday's political demonstration in


The Finnish Government decisions are targeted by various workers' unions with a common political demonstration on Friday (September, 18)

Latest survey of Finnish ICT decision-makers


OpusCapita is one of the most highly regarded and best known system and full-service providers, according to a recent corporate image survey

Why do we at OpusCapita love working with standards?


For many of us standardization is not that much of a topic in everyday life. Until you start thinking of the benefits of standardization.

The fresh issue of OpusCapita journal is out now


The latest issue of our customer magazine, the OpusCapita Journal, discusses the topical themes of digitalization and automation: how to tackle

OpusCapita Frees up Cash for SME's in the Supply


Strategic Partnership Delivers Best-in-Class Supply Chain Finance Solutions to Companies in the Nordics

Come and take a ride with the self-driving car of


Here, have a look at a list of features of a top-notch mobile device:

Put the customer at the heart of your corporate cu


Idean’s CEO Risto Lähdesmäki talks in the latest issue of OpusCapita Journal about the importance of user experience as a competitive advantage in tod

Opuscapita receives major additional contract from


OpusCapita and Europe’s leading manufacturing partner for the engineering industry, Fortaco Group Oy, are expanding their cooperation.

OpusCapita software robots



Paula Carlstedt appointed OpusCapita Country Man


OpusCapita is reinforcing its presence in Finland, its home market, by appointing a Country Manager. The new County Manager will be Paula Carlstedt

OpusCapita to cease operations in Slovakia


OpusCapita is to cease its operations in Slovakia by the end of September 2015. The decision is based on the company’s strategy of withdrawing from

Patrik Sallner appointed as OpusCapita CEO


OpusCapita, part of the Posti Group, has appointed Patrik Sallner (MBA, MA, M.Sc., 45) as the new CEO. He will transfer to this position from MariaDB

Software robots are already at work



Global report estimates great growth potential


The next wave of e-invoicing will aim at value creation along the supply chain

Europe, it’s time to benefit from digitalization!



Opuscapita and GTC sign strategic alliance agreeme



OpusCapita acquires Kredithanterarna


Stockholm 2015-05-06; The acquisition of Kredithanterarna in Solna, just north of the Swedish capital is a natural step in OpusCapita’s endeavors

Are unnecessary purchases eating into your profits


Do you ever wonder what is eating up your company’s money? Your net sales are good, and you have been cutting costs, but somehow your profits just see

Can you hear the wedding bells ring for the future


Just a few weeks ago I received a text message ordering a small bouquet of flowers. The message instructed that the flowers used in the bouquet should

Gartner Positions jCatalog as a Visionary


Dortmund, Germany, 04-07-2015 – jCatalog, a leading provider of Procurement solutions, today announced it has been selected for inclusion in Gartner’s

Martin Backman appointed to OpusCapita Board


Martin Backman (M.Sc. Eng., M.Sc. Econ.) has been appointed to the OpusCapita Group Ltd Board of Directors as a new member with effect from April 1, 2

Language courses in Vilnius opens the door for


Stockholm 6 March; in the OpusCapita service center in Vilnius employees are educated in Norwegian and Swedish, in order to facilitate communication

Is your business stuck in a bubble?


This week I was reading a thought-provoking article from the leading Finnish newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat. In the article columnist Maaret Kallio was

The fresh number of customer magazine OpusCapita


Journal – Setting the new standard for financial processes – is OpusCapita’s customer magazine that presents topical issues, trends and challenges in

OpusCapita makes changes in its Management Team


OpusCapita Group, a member of Posti Group, is making changes in its Management Team.

Vidar M.Nordby new director service management at


OpusCapita, a leading provider of financial process solutions, has appointed Vidar M.Nordby as the new Director of Service Management in the business

Supply chain finance calls for efficient invoice m


OpusCapita’s new solution for supply chain financing makes it possible for the suppliers to get paid in a matter of days instead of waiting for dozens

Bad, bad debts! DSO is a good indicator of the eff


Kimmo Kauranen, Vice President, O2C Business, OpusCapita, urges companies to beat lazy money out of its hiding places and into action.

How to recognize your RPA potential


Software robotics provides the opportunity to improve the quality and efficiency of processes in financial management almost immediately. But how to r

Something good out of bad – a story of superior cu


Friday the 13th was definitely unlucky day for me: When driving in the evening in Warsaw my car broke down, suddenly all the lights in the car (inside

The chain is only as strong as its weakest link


The decision to start a supply chain finance program is based increasingly on strategic reasons in large purchasing corporations, says Michiel Steeman

OpusCapita to build a global payment solution for


OpusCapita and Valmet have extended their cooperation to implement a global cloud based payment and collection solution which will be gradually taken

OpusCapita opens office in Frankfurt / Main


OpusCapita has opened a new representative office in Frankfurt / Main. Located at Mainzer Landstraße 50 between city center, fair and main station

OpusCapita will start processing DNA’s invoices



E-Channels vs. Paper – How Do B2C Companies Choose


There’s a huge difference in the level B2C companies have embraced communication via e-channels. For example, more than half of all B2C invoices are s

New demand for global payment factory solutions


Companies are now actively seeking global payment factory solutions for international cash management that meet their needs.

OpusCapita to solve companies’ payment time challe



Will the next generation of purchase invoice workf


Internationally, there is a very clear trend towards outsourcing. Yet Swedish companies have adopted a wait-and-see approach and are therefore at risk

Sweden in front in terms of financial functions


Stockholm 8th of December 2014; More than 70 percent of Swedish companies have chosen to outsource all or parts of their accounting functions.

Miikka Savolainen: “Finnish SME entrepreneurs will


In the summer of 2014, OpusCapita investigated the outlook regarding companies’ lengthening payment terms in Finland and abroad. The gradual lengtheni

Miikka Savolainen: Playing the waiting game is exp


The challenging economic situation is punishing companies in Finnish and international competitive arenas. The significance of working capital is rapi

OpusCapita gains full responsibility for financial


Stockholm 24 November 2014; OpusCapita has been commissioned to set up and maintain all financial processes for Finnish peer-to-peer enterprise

Finnlines selects OpusCapita’s Purchase-to-Pay


The shipping company Finnlines and OpusCapita, a specialist in financial management processes and automation, have signed an agreement

OpusCapita wins strategically important contract


Contiga strengthens its environment and sustainability profile with email invoicing service X-Mail

Worldwide market study on e-invoicing published


E-invoicing is a global trend. That is a result of the worldwide market study “E-Rechnung 2014“ which was published on 14 October 2014

Lassila & Tikanoja outsources its financial man.


Finnish waste management and recycling company Lassila & Tikanoja plc and OpusCapita Group Ltd have concluded a financial management services

International outsourcing project for new major


OpusCapita has concluded a contract with a Germany-based European market leader in its industry.

OpusCapita wins Nordnet Bank’s trust


Stockholm; October 13, 2014; OpusCapita breaks new ground with the mission to deliver proven complete payment solutions for businesses

Automation of support services is increasing – wha


This is what Tom Bangemann, The Hackett Group, told a reporter when he was interviewed for OpusCapita’s customer magazine Journal: “Up to now, automat

Count the eggs! Four things to consider when your


When the CFO or CIO of a mid-segment company hears that their software supplier or service provider has been acquired, many questions are sure to aris

Robots soon in financial management and company bo


Intelligent robotic systems are set to revolutionize corporate financial management practices. Company boards are also soon likely to feature a robot-

News from Sibos: SWIFT Extends Alliance Lite 2 to


SWIFT’s new “Alliance Lite 2 for Business applications” program allows selected providers to embed SWIFT Alliance Lite 2 connectivity into a single pa

It's time to consider payment terms from the persp


Recently OpusCapita carried out a study of the payment terms offered by the biggest companies in the Nordic countries. The study showed that payment t

Latest survey of ICT decision-makers


Opus Capita is one of Finland’s most highly regarded and best known software providers, according to a corporate image survey of the ICT sector

Vaisala boosts its purchase-to-pay processes


Vaisala, a global leader in environmental and industrial measurement, and OpusCapita, a specialist in financial management processes and automation

OpusCapita acquires accounting chain Norian Group


OpusCapita, a specialist in streamlining financial processes, has acquired the Norwegian based financial accounting outsourcing company Norian Group.

OpusCapita’s email addresses are changing!


Any email addresses ending in @itella.com, @itella.fi or @posti.fi for OpusCapita employees and other system emails will stop working

The fresh number of customer magazine OpusCapita


Journal – Passion for Financial Management is OpusCapita’s international customer magazine that presents topical issues, trends and challenges

Ulla Hemmi appointed Country Manager for OpusC


OpusCapita, a provider of automated financial management processes, is reinforcing its team in Sweden by appointing Ulla Hemmi as Country Manager

European e-invoicing service providers processed


EESPA announced the results of its first annual survey providing new statistics and a view on the adoption of e- invoicing from within the industry

OpusCapita signs a major contract with a well-know


OpusCapita, a financial automation and outsourcing company, has signed 30.6.2014 an agreement with a well-known media company in Finland to handle the

Helsingin Energia selects OpusCapita as its new


Helsingin Energia and OpusCapita Group Ltd have signed a contract on July 4th concerning printing and data transmission operator services for

Handy mobile solution from OpusCapita


OpusCapita has developed mobile Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone solutions. With the mobile version of the OpusCapita Invoices application

Jarosław Tkaczyk appointed new OpusCapita Managing


Jarosław Tkaczyk has been appointed as Managing Director of OpusCapita Sp. z o.o. with effect from June 1.

CFOs of The Year come from Neuca and Polfurnitur


It was the 9th time as the most prestigious prizes for finance community were granted in Poland.

OpusCapita to take care of SATO Corporation’s Acc


Residential property investment company SATO Corporation in Finland and OpusCapita Group Ltd have concluded an agreement to hand over SATO’s Accounts

New information security solution for auth.


OpusCapita is the first in the Nordic countries to offer SWIFT’s 3SKey digital identity solution. 3SKey has been developed by SWIFT

OpusCapita to manage Lindorff’s international bank


OpusCapita will deliver an international bank connections management solution as a service to Lindorff Group AB.

Dramatic increase in electronic invoicing offers


Consumers are paying more predictably, and corporate cash flows are accelerating. Finland is the world’s most advanced country in business-to-business

Fortaco chose OpusCapita as their partner for FI


Fortaco, Europe’s leading contract manufacturer for the engineering industry, and OpusCapita, a specialist in financial process automation

Metso outsources its payroll services in Finland


Metso Oyj and OpusCapita Group Oy have concluded an agreement to hand over Metso’s payroll services to OpusCapita.

Major new contract with Ahlsell


Ahlsell is preparing for the future with OpusCapita

OpusCapita supports the CFO in Poland


OpusCapita is 3rd year in a row the partner of “CFO of a Year” contest in Poland arranged by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

The fresh number of OpusCapita’s “Journal


If you share our passion for improving financial management, this is something for you: The fresh number of our customer magazine, Journal – Passion

Sebastian Krapf appointed as the CFO


Sebastian Krapf, 44, M.Sc. (Econ.) has been appointed as the CFO and a member of the Management Team on 9 December 2013.

Empower is outsourcing its financial management


The multinational service group Empower is outsourcing the financial management and payroll accounting services of its units in Finland and Sweden

Survey: companies would gain significant benefits


Companies would increase their agility and gain synergy benefits by comprehensively improving and streamlining their purchase-to-pay functions. This w

Is it worth to implement e-invoices and invoice au


The process of decision making for invoice automation in Poland can be presented based on the real case of one Polish retail chains that is very moder

PEPPOL in Norway: trendsetter for e-procurement in


Initiated in 2008 and ended in August 2012, the PEPPOL project (Pan-European Public Procurement Online) developed and implemented the technology stand

Eye tracking survey


An increasing volume of letters is delivered to recipients in digital format, but printed letters continue to be popular due to the fact that the rece

The Board members of OpusCapita appointed


Itella’s Board has decided to propose the general meeting of OpusCapita that the following members will be appointed as OpusCapita’s Board members:

Itella Information changes its name to OpusCapita


As of 1 November 2013, Itella Information, part of Itella Group, continues its strong growth strategy in the Nordic and European markets by the new

OpusCapita is the first cloud provider in the Nord


OpusCapita has signed an agreement with SWIFT to embed SWIFT messaging services for its clients. In addition, OpusCapita will be the first cloud

Electronic data interchange (B2B integration) help


Companies using the B2B integration service feel they have gained the benefits targeted when they discussed introducing the service.

Itella Information sells its printing business in


Itella Information has signed an agreement regarding the sale of its printing business in Poland to PostNord.

Itella improved its performance in an uncertain



Considerable cost savings for Labor Berlin with


Europe's biggest and most modern hospital laboratory selected theItella/NewSource Business Outsourcing Model. Results of Itella/NewSource Business

A shift towards automated and electronic working


Itella Information survey: in 2012, manual processes count for less than 30% of all F&A processes in Finland, Norway, Poland and Sweden.

Improved efficiency and ensured secure deliveries

Fully automated supply and delivery chain

Alko wanted to be able to respond to demand rapidly and accurately with a more efficient messaging service.

Case NorgesGruppen

Quality and knowledge of the business are essential

Johnson & Johnson AB

Smoother and quicker b2b processes through financial automation

iSalary reduces the number of letters posted per year by 400,000

Nearly 80 per cent of the S Group’s employees receive their pay slips electronically through Itella Information’s iSalary service. The service, which is provided through NetPosti

Accurate forecasts and improved cash and liquidity

Too much time was spent on manual work entering and classifying transaction data. This was at the expense of time that could be spent understanding th

iPost boosts Efficiency National Land Survey of Finland

Letters were previously sent manually from our own offices. Now almost all of the communications related to cadastral surveys is taken care of electronically with iPost.

More reliable and faster processes in public procu

The Norwegian National Rail Administration must ensure a reliable purchase process due to direct effects on operations, and comply with the government

More efficiency with automated purchase invoice pr

To enhance the order-delivery process and automate the purchase invoice process. To allocate electronic purchase invoices automatically to the corresp

Outsourcing cuts financial administration costs by

Outsourcing must always aim to increase competence, and in large service centers, competence develops and becomes stronger.

Boosting the efficiency of work by outsourcing fin

Fortaco wanted an active financial services partner to take over, to manage and to develop the financial processes of new-born international engineeri

Opuscapita streamlines Broadnet’s invoice manageme

As part of measures to digitize invoice processing to reduce costs, Broadnet was looking for a solution for extracting data from scanned invoices and

Case Ahlsell

Creating customer value through an efficient debt

Outsourcing the digitization and archiving of pape

Aktia Group wanted to target the resources that were previously needed to handle payment service material into its core banking processes.

Case DeltaStar Nutrients

Added value for nutritional information with intelligent Product Information Management

Case Arvato

Farewell to paper and errors

Case Apoteksgruppen

Innovative Invoice Management – Just what the doctor ordered for Apoteksgruppen

Complex automotive industry products in all dimens

To transfer existing data to various systems with different formats. To present multiple assignments and combination of products. To take into account


Valmet moved its global payments to the cloud

Case Carea

Electronic patient invitation processing – more time for care work

Case Verisure Securitas Direct

Verisure Securitas Direct centralizes invoice sending

B2B Integration flow means roof tiles arrive on

OpusCapita is the sole B2B Integration operator for the Nordic and Baltic regions, handling over 40,000 transaction messages a month, as well as

Standardized ordering processes for a variety of

With the introduction of the new platform all processes within procurement are clearly defined and structured. The processing effort and the costs dec

Case ÖBB

Automated procurement of complex product groups

Posti Group & Kuljetusliike Pöytälaakso Oy

Supply chain cash flows on the move

Case Localtapiola

Comprehensive partnership supports finance and business processes

Case City of Espoo

Printer Driver brought considerable savings and made work more meaningful

Case MySafety

No limits in targeted communication

Case Teboil

E-activation accelerates transfer to electronic sales invoices

Case South Ostrobothnia ELY Centre

Licensing process shortened from months to days

Case Coor Service Management

Customized debt collection through innovative and flexible solutions

OpusCapita digitizes paper documents for bookkeepi

OpusCapita digitizes paper documents for bookkeeping

IPost reduces time spent on office routines and le

Vaasa Hospital District uses OpusCapita’s iPost service to process letters related to patient visits, such as patient invitations and invoices.

XXL gained more muscle by outsourcing

XXL gained new resources and expertise by outsourcing parts of its accounting department to OpusCapita’s service centre in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Outsourcing produced flexible and cost-efficient p


Centralized invoicing is easy to monitor

Global group reporting sets its own challenges for financial management.

Invoicing was updated to support marketing

To cost-efficiently and quickly take care of the invoicing of customer companies.

Delivering millions of customized documents

Through the document process outsourcing services provided by OpusCapita, CSN delivers millions of customized documents at the best possible postage.

Digital invoice distribution for the future

Electronic solutions will be given high priority under the new contract with OpusCapita, the proportion of e-invoices will increase.

OpusCapita - A trusted business partner in the Sie

Siemens receives the supplier data from OpusCapita for further processing in its ERP systems in conformity with the prescribed EDI standard.

Building a seamless purchase-to-pay chain

SATO outsourced its accounts payable services and systems to OpusCapita, and a new procurement system was also integrated into the solution.

Successful payment factory project at Sapa

To develop a new financial infrastructure and accordingly implement new cash management processes to meet the needs of Sapa, the new global business e

Successful continuous improvement with OpusCapita

OpusCapita is responsible for Toyota Finance Finland’s accounts payable and receivable, general ledger and payments.

From payroll outsourcing to process development pa

Outokumpu was faced with two options: whether to build its own payroll accounting system or to procure the payroll process as an outsourced service.

Lower costs and more control by improved invoice m

OpusCapitas multichannel solution for handling incoming and outgoing invoices has improved the company’s invoice management.

Producing great strides in digitalization and prod

OpusCapita processes information on the incoming and outgoing payments, and on the central government’s maturing treasury bills and loans.

Extensive outsourcing of financial management supp

The entire financial accounting process was outsourced to OpusCapita to make it cost-efficient and produce accurate and real-time financial informatio

Electronic payments in all Nordic countries

It is very important for Makita to be able to make electronic payments in all Nordic countries and partly also in the Baltic countries…

Centralized supplier payment with a standardized u

We have already saved time and resources that we can now use better in other parts of our operations.

Complete control with centralized payment transact

The OpusCapita Payment Factory solution handles major of Posti Group companies’ payment processes centrally and in a controlled way.

Message exchange brings closer customer relationsh

Altia, Finland’s state-owned wine and spirits company, has an EDI (electronic data interchange) operator service for online message exchange. OpusCapi

Maximum output with liquidity management

How can a company reduce drawdown and deposits in cash pools to a maximum of SEK and NOK 10 million by improving liquidity management?

Relying on automated cash flow forecasting

A beauty and well-being company with two brands: Lumene (skincare and colour cosmetics) and Cutrin (professional haircare products).

Supply Chain Finance

Supply Chain Finance

Rapid change in P2P

Rapid change in P2P

Video title OpusCapita Software Robots

Video title OpusCapita Software Robots

OpusCapita Consulting Services Factsheet

Successful source-to-pay process transformation comes from finding the right mix of solutions, best practices and support. Our consultants can help you find the path to success.

OpusCapita Cash Management factsheet

OpusCapita Cash Management enables you to harmonize your global processes, centralize your Treasury management, reduce complexity and bring full visibility to your cash positions.

OpusCapita Supplier Document Portal factsheet

OpusCapita Supplier Document Portal enables easy exchange of electronic business documents – like orders & delivery notes - with your suppliers.

OpusCapita Supplier Information Manager factsheet

OpusCapita Supplier Information Manager records and tracks all your supplier information - from their initial onboarding through today.

OpusCapita Request for Quote factsheet

OpusCapita Request for Quote (RfQ) solution module enables you to quickly send, receive and process price and availability enquiries.

OpusCapita Online Product Catalog factsheet for bu

Successful e-procurement hinges on users finding needed items and placing orders quickly & easily.

OpusCapita eProcurement Solution brochure

Make buying easier for your employees and reduce maverick spend while increasing spend visibility with leading e-Procurement software.

OpusCapita Digital Asset Manager factsheet

OpusCapita Digital Asset Manager reduces process costs associated with editing and delivering multimedia objects.

OpusCapita Online Product Catalog factsheet for bu

Successful e-procurement hinges on users finding needed items and placing orders quickly & easily.

OpusCapita SaaS factsheet

OpusCapita solutions are provided as a service for organizations of all sizes.

OpusCapita Catalog Management Service

For high quality catalogs outsource supplier catalog & contract integration to OpusCapita. We’re a leader in eProcurement solutions.

Product Information Management for Selling to Healthcare Sector factsheet

Our PIM solution collects, organizes & updates all of your product information in a single system. It makes selling to the healthcare sector easier & is fully PEPPOL compliant.

OpusCapita In-House Bank factsheet

In-House Bank enables Treasury to offer subsidiaries banking services under your own terms - removing the need for external banks, and lowering overall banking costs.

OpusCapita Global Bank Connectivity factsheet

We offer a secure & flexible turnkey solution to connect you to over 10,800 banks around the world.

Liquidity Solution factsheet

OpusCapita Liquidity is the hub where all financial data is collected, routine tasks are automated, and liquidity positions are forecast and reported.

Secure payments anytime, anywhere

OpusCapita Payments integrates all your financial systems into one gateway. All ERP, manual, and treasury payments can be managed within our easy-to-use, secure payment solution.