B2B Integration flow means roof tiles arrive on time

OpusCapita is the sole B2B Integration operator for the Nordic and Baltic regions, handling over 40,000 transaction messages a month, as well as taking care of customer invoicing ...


Standardized ordering processes for a variety of companies and locations

With the introduction of the new platform all processes within procurement are clearly defined and structured. The processing effort and the costs decreased. The suppliers have a ...


Are you ready for the new automation culture?

Robotic Process Automation makes it possible to automate tasks that were once thought to be impossible to automate. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence revolutionize the ...


Automated procurement of complex product groups

To automate the entire procurement process. To enable system based ordering of complex product groups. To simplify and standardise approval and signature processes.


OpusCapita receives again SWIFT Corporate Cash Management label

OpusCapita has been awarded with the 2016 SWIFT Certified Application Corporate Cash Management label. OpusCapita’s cloud-based cash management solution earned the label for the s...


PEPPOL will change the game in e-invoicing

Are you keen on e-invoicing? If yes, then PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement Online) probably is on your radar screen already. And if it is not, I suggest that you look into ...


Finance 4.0 - Stay ahead of the competition by anticipating disruption

Welcome to the final webinar of three, focused on proactively managing disruptive technologies through more intelligent process automation choices.


Options for sourcing and building RPA capability

Welcome to the second webinar in a series of three on Intelligent Automation boosting Business Services.