OpusCapita helps organizations sell, buy and pay more effectively by providing them with extended purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash solutions. With 600 million transactions processed annually by over 8,000 customers across more than 100 countries, we have created a global ecosystem where buyers, suppliers, banks and other parties connect, transact and grow. Together with our customers, OpusCapita is transforming sales, procurement and financial processes for the digital age. In 2015, OpusCapita’s net sales were EUR 257 million and employed 2,000 professionals. Founded in 1984, OpusCapita is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. 


Are your document management practices outdated?

Having worked with various types of companies for years, I have noticed that companies manage their documents in a surprisingly decentralized manner.

The 5 major costs of poor document management

Managing electronic documents incorrectly can cause your company a number of problems, the most serious of which is that you may even be breaking the

Toimittajarahoitus - Mitä se tarjoaa Hankinnalle?

Käyttöpääoman hallinta ja toimittajarahoitus ovat keskeisiä teemoja talousjohdolle. Mutta miten ne vaikuttavat Hankinnan toimintaan ja tavoitteisiin?

Toimittajarahoitus - Miksi Treasuryn tulisi istua

Mikä on yrityksellesi paras tapa rakentaa toimittajarahoitusohjelma, joka huomioi yrityksen muuttuvat tarpeet? Ja mitä se tarkoittaa yrityksen sisäist